Best Foreign Money Exchange Rates in Ottawa

Compare our currency exchange rates with all the banks

Are you looking for reliable foreign money exchange services? Do you travel frequently and need someone to take care of your currency exchange needs? Do you have a lot of overseas clients and want someone to get you the best possible exchange rate? If so, you are at the right place. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange is a specialist currency exchange service provider. With many years of experience in this field, we are well-aware of the currency fluctuation trends and, therefore, we can guarantee you that you will get better exchange rates than what your bank is offering you.

Our foreign money exchange services in Ottawa and Val-d’Or are available for both individual travelers as well as for corporates. We strive hard to provide you the best foreign exchange rates in Ottawa and help you save your money and efforts. Over the years, thousands of Canadians and local businesses have trusted us to get their money exchanged for a currency of their choice and we have helped them save 1.5%-2% on the exchanged amount. While this sounds like pennies, it can actually be a big saving if you are exchanging thousands of dollars.

Below is an exchange rate comparison chart that will help you understand how we are able to provide you the best exchange value.

Bank Exchange Fee Source
Knightsbridge FX 0.1%-0.7% Knightsbridge FX
Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) 2.6% RBC Exchange Rates
TD Bank 2.6% TD Exchange Rates
Scotia Bank 2.8% Scotia Bank Exchange Rates
Bank of Montreal (BMO) 2.6% BMO Exchange Rates
CIBC 2.7% CIBC Exchange Rates

As you can judge from the above table, we charge the lowest possible exchange fee. Further, we do not charge any wire transfer fee. Once you have requested for the exchange, we will lock-in the rate so that you get the exchange done at the same rate as you chose. This means, your exchanged amount will be safe from market fluctuations. We do not have any hidden charges. Everything is covered in our quote, which is why you can trust us.

Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange is regulated by the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC), which is Canada’s financial intelligence unit. This clearly states why your exchange is going to be safe with us.

Want to start? Great!

All you need to do is to set up your account with us. You will be required to have bank accounts in both Canadian dollars and US dollars. Once you have booked a transaction, we will lock-in your exchange rate and send you a confirmation. You can then send us funds through wire transfer or by making an online payment at your local bank. When we have exchanged the funds, we will either send them back to your bank account or to any destination of your choice in the US or Canada. The maximum time required to complete the exchange is 6 business days.

Corporate foreign money exchange services in Ottawa

If you are involved in doing business in foreign countries, you would obviously want to get the best possible foreign exchange rate. Our team can save you from rate fluctuations. All you need to do is to tell us the rate that you wish to receive. We will keep a track of the exchange rates and we will do the transaction as soon as the rate you stated becomes available.

Our corporate foreign currency exchange services are available for:

Our corporate clients get the benefit of having a dedicated account executive, who will be responsible for dealing with all your transactions. Contact us today for more details.