Best Foreign Money Exchange Rates in St. Catharines, Niagara

What makes a currency exchange company favorable is the quality of the rates it offers, the flexibility of the service and the support provided by the staff. The best money exchange in St. Catharines, our service Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, offers all of that at no cost whatsoever! That’s right, our service is completely free and offers the best foreign exchange rates in St. Catharines. We are fast growing online currency exchange service with the goal of keeping our clients happy with what we have to offer.

Starting from currency exchange rates, ours are guaranteed to always be 1% to 2% better than rates anywhere else. Therefore, we guarantee you will be making savings with our foreign exchange in St. Catharines. The savings you can make with our service are larger than any other financial institution offers, especially if you are going to exchange larger sums of money, from 5000$ and up. So, why waste your money in banks and other financial institutions when you could save it for yourself through our currency exchange service?

Best place for money exchange in St. Catharines

With a history of serving hundreds of clients, from various businesses to individuals, we are a company focusing on keeping our services beneficial for those who use them. Therefore, we are always going to be providing the best foreign exchange rates in St. Catharines, thanks to our partnerships and collaborations. We regularly check the rates offered by other financial institutions to ensure that we are always on the top.

Our service is regulated by FINTRAC and thus completely safe and reliable, as our previous clients can confirm. What’s best about our currency exchange service is that we like to keep it simple and quick, unlike other exchange processes where you have to drive to a bank and wait in a line for 30 minutes just to get your process started. At the best place for money exchange in St. Catharines, all you have to do is create a completely free account at our website to get started.

We offer an online service where all transactions are completed electronically so you don’t have to bother leaving your home or office at all. All you need to have is a stable internet connection and a bank account in the currency you are planning to exchange. If you don’t have a bank account in the right currency, you can always use somebody else’s, for example of a friend or a family member, but always make sure they approve of that.

The next step towards the best foreign exchange rates in St. Catharines is to book a transaction, that is, complete the form entering the amount of money you would like to exchange. After this you will receive an email with the transaction confirmation as well as the exact exchange rates offered for the amount of money you entered. Now you can either choose to complete the exchange process right away or lock in your rates for later.

The ability to lock in your rates comes with two advantages. Firstly, you can control the exchange process, that is, you are the one who decides when the process is going to take place. Upon receiving your rates you are not obligated to send your money to us right away, as it is you who decides when to do that. Secondly, if you decide that you’re not ready to complete the transaction right away and you want to do it later, by locking in your rates you will stay protected from rate fluctuations and you will always have the best foreign exchange rates in St. Catharines ready when you want to complete your process.

Completing the process is a quick and easy step. All you have to do is go through the funds transaction via online payment bill or wire transfer (again, it’s up to you) and from there we will take care of everything. As we want to keep our clients satisfied with our money exchange in St. Catharines, we strive to return your money in a timely manner. Therefore, our exchange process usually takes about three business days while the maximum time you could be waiting is only 6 business days.

Foreign currency exchange St. Catharines for Corporate clients

Our currency exchange in St. Catharines was designed with corporate clients in mind. Therefore, it is beneficial to publicly held companies, firms, manufacturers, small businesses and entrepreneurs in various ways. Firstly, we save you time with our online service so you don’t have to leave your office when exchanging currencies. More importantly, we save you money with the best foreign exchange rates in St. Catharines.

Since we strive to keep you satisfied with our currency exchange services, we offer you complete control and flexibility when it comes to money exchange. You can choose when to send your funds, whether to lock in your rates or not and which bank account you’re going to use for the process. What is certain is that with our rates you are going to save much more money than you would if you were to exchange it through banks and other financial institutions.

Our Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange agents are always at your service, so if you have questions or concerns regarding out foreign exchange in St. Catharines, you can reach out to them whenever you like. We provide trusted and secured currency exchange services with the goal of keeping our clients happy. Therefore, no matter the amount of money you want to exchange, you should come to us and we will help you save as much of it as possible. Stop wasting your time with exchange rates that take too much of your money. Think about the advantages that come with using our online currency exchange service. Save both money and time with the convenience of Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange! On top of it all, there are absolutely no additional fees or charges when using our currency exchange in St. Catharines. It’s all free only at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange! Set up your account today and get the rates you desire!

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