Where To Exchange Money In Vancouver

When you are traveling around the world, you need to use different currencies in each country. Before you leave Canada for your trip, you should find places to exchange your money. You might exchange your foreign currency when you get home, and you need to get the best rates possible. Use the tips below to find the location that works best for you.


When you get to the airport in Vancouver, you can exchange your money at a special window. These windows show you the exchange rate for the currencies you want to exchange. You can exchange your money just before you get on the plane, or you could exchange your money just after getting off the plane.

This particular airport office makes it easy for you to exchange money as you walk to your connecting flight. Plus, you get impeccable customer service inside the airport.


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce has branches in the area that you might visit before or after you get to the airport. Most people who go to a CIBC branch have an account, and the teller will log into your account to complete the exchange. Plus, you could deposit some foreign cash into your account.

You can ask the bank teller to give you specific bills or coins that you need, and you will get a receipt that shows the exchange rate you got. You can check the bank’s exchange rate online, and you will save money if you shop around for the right bank.


The Royal Bank of Canada is a great place to go if you need good customer service. You can use the RBC branch near your home or the airport to exchange your cash. Again, you should check their exchange rates online. When you are shopping around for a good exchange rate, you need to be open to going into any bank. The bank teller will exchange your money, and they will let you know how many bills or coins they can offer.

If you have concerns about the currency you are exchanging, you should ask the bank if they have the specific currency you are looking for. Going to a local branch gives you more options.


The Bank of Montreal is a great place to exchange your money when their bank is close to your home, business, or the airport. You need to make sure that you have looked at the exchange rates for the bank before you go. This bank might provide you with a better exchange rate than other banks. You could use a bank that is near your office, or you could drop by the bank before you get to the airport.

When you are in the bank, you will get good customer service, and you can talk to the teller about what the exchange rate is at that time. You can check the exchange rate online, and you will know precisely how much money you are supposed to get.


HSBC has branches in the Vancouver area, and they will let you know the exchange rate when you ask for a specific currency. Most people who would like to exchange their money should check out this bank when they land or before they leave. If you have an account with the bank, you might get quicker service.


You could go to a Scotiabank branch at any time after you land. You can drive by the branch when it is near your house, or you could go to the branch that is close to your office. You can use this bank if they have the best exchange rate, and you should check that exchange rate online before going into the branch.


The bank, wire transfer company, or airport window that you choose for money exchanges will help you exchange any foreign currency for Canadian dollars. Plus, you can turn your Canadian dollars into foreign currency when you visit the office or stand in line at the branch. Check the rates online, ensure that you have found the best bank to work with, and get an exchange rate that favors you. The Canadian dollar is strong, but you need to do your research before exchanging your money.