Where to Exchange Money in Montreal

It doesn’t matter whether you are on a business trip or family-friendly holiday, Montreal is always a great place to be.

One challenge that most people face when visiting a foreign country or city is getting a place to convert their money into local currency.

If you are planning to visit Montreal any time soon, then one thing you should be prepared to do is changing your money into the Canadian dollars.

What you need to know about exchanging currency in Montreal

Before you decide to purchase Canadian Dollars, it’s important to understand how the process works. The following are some tips to have in mind in the process of exchanging your currency.

  1. The value of the Canadian Dollar fluctuates – You should understand that the Canadian Dollar is a floating currency – meaning that its value may rise or drop depending on the Country’s economy and other factors. Try to monitor the movement of the rates and convert them when it’s lower than your home currency.
  2. The mind-market – Different exchange bureaus offer varied exchange rates. The only exchange rate you can count on is the mid-market rate (the mid-point between exchange rates in the global market)
  3. Use all your money before leaving – It’s important to budget well so that you don’t end up with a lot of foreign currency by the time you are leaving. This is because you might lose on the exchange rate twice (that is when buying and selling Canadian dollars).

Where to exchange money in Montreal

There are several places where you can exchange your money in Montreal. Some of the options include banks, airports, train stations among others.


Almost every airport has places where you can convert your money into local currency. This is the same case with Montreal. However, you need to look out at companies offering reasonable exchange rates. Some of the exchange bureaus take advantage of tourists and foreigners who might be unaware of the currency markets.


Almost every bank offers currency exchange services in Montreal. Banks can also be a good option because of safety. However, some banks tend to sell Canadian Dollars at the high process while buying them at very low prices. It’s therefore important to find out about their rates exchange rates before you make the transaction.

Train stations

This is also one of the places you are likely to find currency exchange bureaus. Here you will find various currency exchange kiosks. Each one of them, however, offers different exchange rates. It would be good to check a few of them in order to find the best available rates.


KnightsbridgeFX is one of the popular currency exchange companies in Montreal. They have gained a reputation in Montreal probably because of their great customer experience and lower rates. Their services are also available online – making it easy for individuals who would like to check on the rates and exchange their money in advance.

In a nutshell, exchanging money in Montreal shouldn’t be a stressful affair. Whether you are exchanging CAD to USD or any other currency, the most important thing is to understand the process and get companies offering the best rates.