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Hard Currency vs. Soft Currency

If you have been curious to know the difference between hard currency vs. soft currency, you are in the right place. First, […]

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What’s The Currency Act In Canada?

Canada’s Currency Act was formulated to respect the country’s currency and the Exchange Fund Account. It has laws on how to handle […]

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Who Is Qualified To Claim A Tuition Tax Credit In Canada?

A tuition tax credit in Canada helps many post-secondary students reduce their financial burdens. Tuition tax credits help students settle tax bills […]

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What Are The Best Banks For International Students In Canada?

Finding the best banks for international students in Canada should be a top priority before leaving home to study in Canada. Being […]

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How to Check for Live International Exchange Rates

The international exchange rates fluctuate every second. This happens because of inflation all over the world and the difference in interest rates […]

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How To Find Credit Cards with No Foreign Transaction Fee in Canada?

While preparing for your trip to Canada, one of the best ways to put your finances in order is by researching credit […]

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What Determines The Value Of Currency In Canada?

Several factors go into how currency value is determined in the Canadian foreign exchange market. Notably, most factors revolve around the trading […]

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Understanding Currency Convertibility

The convertibility of currency matters a lot when it comes to international payments and transactions. For that reason, it’s essential to understand […]

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Specified Foreign Property Explained

If you’ve ever owned a specified foreign property costing C$100,000 or more in any tax year, you must report the assets to […]

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What is the Function of Currency Futures?

You might have come across the term currency futures but may not know what it entails. If you are a forex trader […]

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