Toronto-Dominion Bank FAQ

Toronto-Dominion Bank is a multinational financial institution based in Toronto, Canada. The bank is commonly referred to as TD Bank Group. It was founded in 1955 after a merger between two financial institutions: The Dominion Bank and the Bank of Toronto. The two were officially founded in 1869 and 1855 respectively.

As of last year (2017), TD bank was rated as one of the biggest banks in Canada, thanks to its subscriber base, as well as total assets under its care. In terms of market capitalization, it was rated second in Canada, and one of the top 10 in Northern America. Currently, it is ranked the 26th largest bank in the world.

What Does Td Bank Stand for?

As mentioned above, TD stands for the Toronto-Dominion Bank. This is a bank that is well known for protecting customer assets and ensuring that their investments pan out. The bank ensures that client assets are protected, secured, and are well taken care of regardless of the kind of account that a client is operating. Having been in the industry for more than a few decades, the financial institution takes pride in its name and its history of ensuring that all clients are satisfied.

What Time Does Td Bank Close?

If you are a TD Bank client, it is always best to check their operational hours in case you need to use their insurance, investments, or banking or ATM services. It is recommended that you use the store locator on the official website to help you find a bank that is close to you. With the locator, you will be able to find a bank that is closer to you based on your GPS coordinates.
It will also be easier for you to differentiate between the services offering walk-up service, currency exchange, drive-up service, and branches that are open on Sundays. The following are the operating hours for different services:

Drive-up hours:

Lobby hours:

How to Find Routing Number TD Bank

The TD bank has a couple of routing numbers, also known as the transit numbers. You need these numbers for you to electronically transfer money from one account to another, regardless of whether you are transferring money within the same bank or to another bank.

The ABA or Toronto Dominion Bank routing number is normally printed on the check. If you look at the electronically printed numbers below your checkbook, you will notice that the check number comes first, followed by the branch transit number and then the financial institution number. After that, you will find what the bank refers to as the designation number, and then your account number.
The routing number has a total of nine digits, which can be used to make direct transfers, electronic transactions, as well as wire transfers. If you are looking to make a domestic wire transfer, the routing number to use is 031101266.
When using a branch that you are not well-versed with, you can always ask the customer care department to furnish you with the local routing number. For Toronto, the routing number is as follows:

What Time Td Bank Open?

As mentioned earlier, the opening and closing hours of the bank varies depending on whether you are looking to use the lobby or drive-up service. However, the opening and closing hours are as follows:

Drive-up hours:

Lobby hours:

Who Owns Td Bank?

TD Bank is owned by the General Public as well as a number of Institutions. Current statistics indicate that Institutional ownership stands at around 55%, with hedge funds being the major investors. The Royal Bank of Canada is currently the biggest shareholder with more than 134, 186, 950 shares and is closely followed by the Bank of Montreal. Other institutional shareholders include the Vanguard Group Inc., TD Asset Management Inc., and Fil LTD. The five wrap up the biggest shareholders in TD Bank.

How to Order Checks from Td Bank

The easiest way to order checks from TD Bank is via the online portal. For this, you will need to visit the Easy Web page. Log into your account and click on the My Links option. Scroll down to the account for which you would like to request a checkbook and click on it. Head over to the activity page and check for the REQUEST checks tabs.

The tab will open another tab on the left-hand-side which will ask you whether you need a personal check or a business check. A drop down list will then appear which you will need to use to select the kind of check that you need. Ensure that you enter the correct delivery information and then verify.
Once verified, you will need to click on the proceed button for the checks to be processed. Traditionally, it takes a total of two days for the tickets to be printed, and between seven and ten business days for the checkbook to be processed. You can, however, request for your checkbook to be expedited, but this will definitely cost you more.

How Much Does Td Bank Let You Overdraft?

When a client opens a TD account, they are normally provided with a number of options in terms of how they can use their overdraft services. It is recommended that a client tailors their overdraft services in advance to ensure that they will be able to cover any transactions that arise in the future.
When opening the account, you will have an option of determining your overdraft services, depending on your account activity. You can set your limit to $500, $400, or even $100. Your account manager will help you determine this. The important thing to note is that you are only allowed 5 overdraft transactions on any given day.

Each transaction attracts a $35 fee, which has to be repaid within a period of one month. TD bank recommends that all its clients download its official application from the App store so as to avoid taking overdrafts. The application will help each client monitor their account activity to know how much they should spend.

Once downloaded, the application sends alerts in terms of PUSH notifications and Email alerts when the funds become low. A client also has the option of signing up to a savings overdraft protection that helps link into their account to help them cover transactions that are equivalent to their current account balances.