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Updated January 2018

Case Study: KnightsbridgeFX saves Florida property buyer $3,000 on US real estate purchase

I saved about $3,000 over what the bank quoted for US dollars... everything went as smooth as a dream" Client reviews the savings on his large US property purchase

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Step 1

Register For Free

It only takes a few minutes to complete our one-page application form and then you will be able to book a transaction in minutes over the phone when you are ready to exchange money. We are regulated by FINTRAC (a government of Canada agency) and are required by law to verify the identity of all clients we work with to prevent money laundering.

Step 2

Lock-in a Foreign Exchange Rate Before Sending Funds

Call us toll-free at 1-877-355-5239 to obtain a real-time foreign exchange rate and confirm it conveniently by phone before transferring any funds. You will receive a trade confirmation that will confirm all the details of the transaction for your records.

Step 3

You Send Funds

Send funds via online banking bill payment (we will show you how) or via bank transfer. We integrate with all Canadian banks for free account to account transfers.

Step 4

We Convert Funds and Send Payment

We will convert the funds as per the booked foreign exchange rate and we will securely send funds to your recipient. Both you and your recipient can receive confirmation that the payment has been made. We do not charge any transfer fees. The transfer process can be done same-day or next day delivery.