Edmonton Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 587-405-4049

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Pay international student tuition fee
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
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Edmonton Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 587-405-4049

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Property purchase
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Edmonton Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 587-405-4049

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Receive money from abroad
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Edmonton Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 587-405-4049

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
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accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.
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EDMONTON: Currency Exchange (587-405-4049)

With the rapidly increasing concept of globalization, the world is getting smaller and smaller. Countries and other world powers are doing more international trade and travel than ever before in history. Thanks to a more interconnected world, Canadians have closer ties to France, England and other regions of Europe, but at the end of the day our neighbor to the South is still our most important trading partner. Therefore, being able to exchange Canadian Dollars to US Dollars at the best possible rate is crucial for most Canadian individuals and businesses.

Getting the best currency exchange rate historically involved a lot of shopping around and caused big issues. Foreign money conversions continue to present themselves as a large expense for businesses and individuals alike. Whether you are seeking to change the currency for commercial reasons, real estate investment, solo travel, or offshore education, getting the best rate is crucial.

In the vast majority of cases, the big banks often don’t usually give out the best rates to their retail clients. Banks have high overhead expenses along with tons of infrastructure, administration and legacy costs. In other words, they use the profits derived from their currency exchange platform to subsidize other parts of the business. However, as a consumer, you should find the best place to exchange your money, which doesn’t always mean find the biggest one. KnightsbridgeFX provides the lowest rates of any institution in Edmonton. While some banks are offering rates at a whopping 2.6% markup and more on US dollars, KnightsbridgeFX markups are typically only 0.5% to 0.8%.


Places Where You Could Exchange Currency in Edmonton

If you are looking to exchange CAD for other tradable currencies, Edmonton has numerous options that you can choose from. Whether you are looking to book a cash exchange for an upcoming trip, or just looking for the best exchange rate (Canada to the US), there is an option out there for you. Given this knowledge, it’s imperative that you do a little bit of your own supplementary research. The majority of Edmonton money exchanges are located at the city’s main points of interest, such as airports, train stations, shopping malls, and hotels. If you’re an Edmonton resident whose only concern is finding the most convenient exchange, you could simply perform all of your FX-related duties at your primary bank. Our services are not limited to Edmonton alone. We also offer the best exchange currency in Laval and the surrounding areas.

YEG: Edmonton International Airport

Many find themselves in need of money exchange at Edmonton International Airport. Although airport foreign exchange locations are notorious for providing inflated rates, it may turn out to be your only option if you’re departing soon. If you ever find yourself in dire need of some foreign cash, you can head to International Currency Exchange Edmonton (ICE). There are 5 locations scattered throughout the airport, with additional ATM machine services located in accessible areas for your convenience. Although we don’t recommend using these services frequently, because they won’t help you save money, we understand that sometimes they are necessary.

Currency Exchange at Hotels and Motels in Edmonton

If you are in Edmonton for a vacation or business trip, you will most likely be staying at a hotel – assuming you don’t use Air BnB. Since you’re likely new to the area, searching for the cheapest US exchange rate (US to CAD) may not be a simple task due to your unfamiliarity with the area. Luckily for you, your hotel concierge might be able to help guide you to the nearest currency exchange. Some hotels even offer in-house currency exchange services for their guests, and so a number of Edmonton hotels will happily swap your CAD into US dollars. It’s also worth mentioning that these rates may not be the most competitive around, but to be fair you cannot really compete with them on convenience.

Foreign Exchange Booths and Kiosks in Edmonton

In terms of receiving physical cash, Edmonton has a variety of different kiosk services available within city limits. Truthfully, this is a good option if you are looking for small amounts of cash – although you shouldn’t place large transfer orders here. Edmonton currency exchanges are generally located in busy, densely populated areas where there are a lot of tourists. Some popular companies that specialize in these services include International Currency Exchange (ICE) and Calforex. If, however, you seek to book more sizeable transfers you should look be looking elsewhere.

The Big Five Banks in Edmonton

If you are interested in going to a bank to do a currency exchange in Edmonton, you can always visit your local bank branch. Especially if convenience is your driving motivation for FX, sticking with your current primary bank could save you loads of time and paperwork. Some of your options for currency conversions include BMO, CIBC, Desjardins, HSBC, RBC, Scotia bank and TD foreign exchange. Banks will certainly be able to take care of all your currency exchange needs; however, if you are interested in saving the absolute most money possible on US dollars, you should keep looking.

Third Party Digital FX Brokers

For those looking to exchange a large amount ($5,000+), a foreign exchange broker would provide the best rates on large volumes. For transactions that range in the thousands of dollars, call KnightsbridgeFX to be sure you are receiving the best rate possible. KnightsbridgeFX offers the best rates compared to any foreign exchange in Edmonton. The best part is, KnigthsbridgeFX features a top rate guarantee to match their other retail competitors.

How to Optimize Your Currency Exchange in Edmonton

In order to compare different rates properly, call all the local banks that you’re familiar with in your region. As a baseline, you could use a test case of $1,000 Canadian dollars. Ask each bank how many US dollars they will provide you in exchange for your denomination in Canadian dollars. Without having to do much calculation on your part, the bank that provides the most USD on your CAD provides the best rate. By doing this, you’ll start to notice that banks usually fare very poorly in comparison to the rates of KnightsbridgeFX.

For those that are interested in using our services to get the lowest possible rate, simply start by filling out the form on our Get Started page and we’ll take it from there. Don’t forget that we have a best exchange rate guarantee – if you find a US dollar rate that is better than ours we will beat it!

Please contact us by phone at 1-877-355-5239 for a no-obligation quote on your currency exchange. One of our friendly consultants will walk you through the entire process to completion. In addition, you may also fill out the form on this website and we will contact you about how our services work.

Digging Deep into Edmonton, Alberta

Edmonton is the capital of Alberta and a large metropolis with a population nearing 1 million residents. It’s located in the north of Canada and boasts of numerous important sights, which makes it one of the most visited cities in the country. It is the second largest city in Alberta after Calgary. The economic growth of Edmonton has been driven by natural resources, and there are large oil sands projects and diamond mines in the region today. The city’s continued expansion will rely upon advances in resource extraction technology and increasing oil prices. As these things falter, so will the economy of Edmonton.

It is considered the most northern large city in North America and a gateway to Canada’s northern wilderness. Edmonton is undoubtedly a festive city with many popular activities being hosted throughout the year. The population consists primarily of Anglos, native peoples, international immigrants and other European descendants. Regional banks include RBC, TD Bank, Scotia Bank, BMO and CIBC among others.



The area began to be inhabited thousands of years ago. However, European immigrants started to arrive in 1795 when the work on the Fort Edmonton project began. From that point on, Edmonton has experienced a continuous and fruitful development with its facilities and infrastructure constantly expanding.
The first hotel and hospital in the city were built in 1870; further on, Edmonton has become a sought-after area. In 1892, Edmonton was incorporated as a town and its first mayor was elected, which officially turned it into a modern municipality. In 1905, the city was declared the capital of Alberta.


Edmonton is home to beautiful forests and crossed by the North Saskatchewan River. As North America’s most northerly city, the capital’s terrain is mostly flat to slightly rolling, sprinkled with deep valleys, ravines, and aspen woods.


The city’s economy is driven by resource wealth. Edmonton is an important service and supply centre for its surrounding area. Energy production, agriculture, diamond mining, processing, manufacturing, and forestry are the main industries supporting the local economy.


Alberta’s capital is a multicultural metropolis; thus, people have the opportunity to attend various cultural, sports, and scientific events. Renowned for the North Saskatchewan River Valley, an urban green oasis, Edmonton offers tourists and residents multiple leisure ops. From entertainment centers, historic buildings, craft shops to quaint neighborhoods and fascinating wildlife, the city has everything one needs for enjoying a delightful time. Edmonton also houses the famous Fort Edmonton Park, which is the largest historic park in Canada. West Edmonton Mall (the biggest shopping center in North America), World Waterpark, Elk Island National Park, Galaxyland, Muttart Conservatory, and Edmonton Valley Zoo are other popular attractions


Edmonton Trivia


  • Actor Michael J. Fox was born in Edmonton on June 9, 1961.
  • Edmonton has more hoofed animals per square kilometre than anywhere in the world outside of the African Serengeti
  • Rats are considered an illegal pest in Edmonton – it is a city devoid of rats
  • Edmonton is considered to be one of the sunniest cities in Canada in terms of precipitation
  • At one point in history, the West Edmonton Mall was considered to be one of the largest shopping complexes in the world

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