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Currency Exchange Ottawa

Currency Exchange in Ottawa: (613) 704-1798

With so many banks and currency exchange companies offering currency exchange Ottawa services, exchanging your dollars for another currency can sound easy and hassle-free. However, when you visit your bank, you will realize that currency exchange is complex and potentially costly. Whether you are traveling abroad for business or for vacations, you obviously want to get the best deal but the possibility of being scammed often keeps you away from using the services of currency exchange companies. Most unseasoned travelers often seek bank’s services until they realize that they are paying hefty fees, which otherwise could have been avoided if they would have tried an trustworthy, credible, and genuine currency exchange Ottawa company like Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange.

Exchanging currency is often associated with a few risks and costs but a seasoned and genuine company like ours can make things easier and risk-free for you. Being a specialist company, we guarantee you a low rate on currency exchange. Unlike banks that deal with multiple forms of financial transactions and aren’t really keen on providing you competitive rates, we at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange are completely devoted to providing you currency exchange Ottawa services at the most reasonable price. We are a small team, exclusively catering to people looking for quick, easy, and hassle-free currency exchanges services, which means, we have low overheads and yet high-volume of business. Our low overheads help us pass on the savings to you, unlike banks that work on standard terms and are not very keen on helping clients saving money.

Wondering what options you have other than banks and Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange? Here you go!

Currency Exchange Options in Ottawa

Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange Ottawa
45 O’Connor St #1150
Ottawa, ON K1P 1A4, Canada

When it comes to currency exchange Ottawa, you have more than one dozen options (apart from banks). There are currency exchange kiosks at airport, ferry terminal, hotels, popular tourist locations, malls, etc. However, these kiosks often charge more, much more than even the banks do. So, instead of getting your currency exchanged after you have reached your destination, it is advisable to get some cash beforehand so that you can pay some bills until you have reached your hotel and found a bank.

If you are not really bothered about paying some extra money, you may directly go to your bank. However, one of the major problems that you may face with banks (other than hefty price) is that they may not have the currency you want and they may not be very keen on getting it for you ASAP. You will have to order the currency in advance, probably a week or two in advance. Further, not all banks provide currency exchange services in Ottawa. Only major ones do and, if you are not their customers, they may not exchange the currency. This is where independent providers like us come to your help.

We are small businesses that exclusively deal with currency exchange. Our business solely survives on currency dealing and therefore, we often have a good stock of almost all currencies. Even if we don’t have it, we will be happy to make all possible efforts to arrange the currency of your choice. Unlike banks, you don’t have to do a lot of paperwork and wait in aqueue. Our process is simple and fast. However, before you proceed, let us brief you about the other available options:


Ottawa airport currency exchange services

As mentioned above, Ottawa airport, like any other airports, is probably not the best place to exchange your currency. The kiosks here charge high prices. So, you must get some cash ready before you start your trip to Ottawa. However, if you have planned your travel in the last minute and didn’t get chance to get your currency exchanged at the best prices, you may visit ICE International Currency Exchange kiosk located at the Ottawa international airport.

Ottawa Hotel Currency Exchanges Services

Many hotels in Ottawa also provide currency exchange services at their front desk. However, like the kiosks present at malls, tourists’ destinations, and public recreation centers, exchanging money at the hotel should be your last resort. The chances of being scammed are higher at such places. Many of them don’t even list their fees and exchange rates and often take advantage of unwary customers. If you have to choose them at all, make sure you ask them to provide you a receipt of the transaction.


Banks in Ottawa currency exchange services

Banks are often one of the most trusted places to get your currency exchanged but they do not offer lowest Ottawa currency exchange rates. Most banks in Ottawa provide currency exchange services but all of them have high exchange rates. If you need a small amount for a two-day tour, you may not mind paying the extra charges, but, if you are taking your family for a week’s vacation, you obviously wouldn’t want to pay their hefty charges.


Ottawa Currency Exchange Brokers

Brokers with a proven track-record are reliable and, very often, they are able to provide you lowest currency exchange rates (especially Canada and US). At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we do not have any retail location and we do not deal with the exchange of cash, which is why we are completely reliable and have lower overheads. All our currency transfer/exchange work is done electronically and therefore, we are able to guarantee you lowest rates and hassle-free services.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate in Ottawa

Foreign exchange rates fluctuate frequently, almost every minute. So, it is often not possible for you to predict what will be the best time to get your money exchanged. However, exchange brokers like us constantly monitor the rates and are able to predict the exchange rates. When you choose us, you will be able to save a lot of money. Further, you can call up the local banks here and ask them about the precise exchange rate and their charges. Once you have received quotes from a few banks and brokers, you will be able to decide where you can get the best value for your dollars.

If you don’t want to get into the hassles of calling up the banks, comparing multiple quotes, and keeping a track of the exchange rates, simply call 1-877-355-5239. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange we guarantee you lowest exchange rates and absolutely reliable services. Our representatives will be happy to guide you through each step of the exchange process so you will have a clear understanding of what you will be getting and how. We also provide currency exchange Toronto, currency exchange Montreal, and currency exchange Surrey services.

So if you’re looking for the best Ottawa foreign currency exchange rates order online, please request a quote. As the ultimate currency exchange provider in Canada, we provide the best United States-to-Canadian dollar exchange rates.

About Ottawa

Ottawa, located in Southern Ontario, is the capital of the great nation of Canada. The term “Odawa” in Algonquin means “To Trade,” so the city is perfect for currency exchange. Currency exchange in Ottawa benefits from numerous government agencies located in the city. In 2014, the Ottawa population was about 943,000 making it the fourth-largest Canadian city. Banks in Ottawa include Scotiabank, CIBC, BMO, RBC, and TD Bank.

Get a better deal on the currencies you need to conduct your business by contacting Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. Give us a call at (613) 704-1798 or 1-877-355-5239 for a no-obligation currency exchange quote and one of our representatives will walk you through the process and next steps. Alternatively, you can fill out the form below and we’ll walk you through the process of how to get the best currency exchange possible in Ottawa.

More about Ottawa

This capital city of Canada is a modern multicultural space that boasts of being voted as the Best Place of Living in Canada. This fourth largest Canadian city is known for its vibrant markets, museums as well as its exclusive conservation areas, parklands, and waterways. Known for hosting the Canadian Tulip Festival, Ottawa celebrates 35 festivals in all.


Earlier known as Bytown, it was only in 1855, that the city was named as Ottawa and two years after, Queen Victoria proposed the city as the capital of Canada. The history of Ottawa is gutted with two incidents of fire – one in 1900 when several lumber mills and buildings were devastated and the other one in 1916 at the Parliament Hill.


Situated at the confluence of three major rivers and as a part of the Rideau Canal, the unique location of Ottawa offers an advantage to the logging and lumbering industries. There are typical flat plains and deep river valleys. Sediments from the Canadian Shield comprise specific regions of Ottawa.


Being away from the coast, Ottawa has a continental type of climate marked by four distinctive seasons. The humidity level is relatively higher during summers. Snow and ice are common during winters besides frequent Westerly winds. In fact, Ottawa is the seventh coldest capital city in the world.


Both population and the population density of Ottawa are high. More than 20% of the population comprises of foreigners which shows the high level of immigration. Multiple languages are spoken, and there is also a lot of diversity in employment patterns. Jobs are mostly in the technology sector besides telecommunications.


Ottawa can take pride in the fact that it is the third cleanest city in the world and it also scores highly in terms of low rate of unemployment and a high standard of living. The city excels in the fields of telecommunications, software and environment technology. The Rideau Canal is a backwater canal that has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

More about Ottawa Ontario

One of the most spectacular cities in all of Canada, Ottawa is a place full of charm and culture. The city is home to an array of fascinating museums, landmarks, and monuments. Residents and Visitors can go on tour to Parliament Hill, the marvelous Gothic-style building. If you are looking to learn a little bit more about the history of Canada then exploring the Canadian Museum of History will fulfill your desire, as you can behold some incredible historical pieces.

Ottawa also boasts a young and diverse population, with over half of its residents being younger than 35 and more than 20 percent of the population born in a different country. The city also possesses numerous parks and places to explore nature. If that wasn’t enough, Ottawa is one of the premier culinary destinations in Canada and provides residents and vacationers with a multitude of excellent dining choices.

Ottawa Trivia

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