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Currency Exchange Halifax

Currency Exchange in Halifax – (902) 800-2063

Banks deal with money, so people often assume that they’re the best option for international currency exchange in Halifax. In reality, though, banks’ currency exchange rates aren’t all that competitive. To make matters worse, banks try to cash in by charging different excess fees. If you’re in Halifax and need to exchange a large amount of Canadian dollars into U.S. dollars, don’t bother with HSBC or another large financial institution. With Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange you’re guaranteed to get the best currency exchange rate in Halifax, and the cheapest way to exchange Canadian to US dollars.

How is Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange able to offer such competitive rates for currency exchange in Halifax? We have long-running relationships with some of the most important financial institutions in the world, for starters. Because we deal with such large volumes of transactions, we’re able to keep overhead at an absolute minimum. We invest continually in the latest technologies too and pass the savings on to our valued clients. In this way, we’re able to offer currency exchange rates up to 2.5 percent lower than banks and other financial institutions.

Where to Exchange Currency in Halifax

When searching for the cheapest US exchange rate in Halifax, you will have many options for service providers. Halifax currency exchange is a competitive space, so ensure you do some research in order to get the best exchange rate. Some options for international currency exchange in Halifax include airports, hotels, kiosks, banks, and exchange service providers. Exploring your options will help you get the best exchange rate of Canadian to US.

Halifax airport currency exchanges services

At Halifax Stanfield International airport, you will be able to do cash exchange. International Currency Exchange is the provider of foreign currency exchange in Halifax Stanfield International Airport.


Halifax hotel currency exchanges services

There are a number of hotels with foreign currency services that buy and sell. Halifax has a number of hotels downtown that may offer currency exchange, including the Marrior, the Delta, and the Hampton Inn.


Halifax currency exchange kiosks services

When looking for foreign exchange in Halifax, there are a number of kiosk providers that you can visit. International Currency Exchange, Money Mart, and Travel Cuts all offer money exchange in Halifax. Remember, these rates will be high as holding physical cash is costly.


Banks in Halifax currency exchange services

All of the major Canadian banks have branches where you can conduct money exchange in Halifax. Royal Bank, Bank of Montreal, Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, TD Canada Trust, and Bank of Nova Scotia will all offer exchange services.


Halifax currency exchange brokers

If you’re looking to do larger dollar amounts, then a currency exchange broker would be your best option for currency exchange in Halifax. KnightsbridgeFX offers a best rate guarantee, so if you’re looking to transact $5,000 or more, we can offer you the best exchange rate.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate in Halifax

Different banks charges different exchange rates at any given time. Therefore, to find the best currency exchange rate in Halifax, you need to contact as many local banks as possible. Tell the representative that you need $1,000 in U.S. dollars, and ask how much you’ll need to pay in Canadian currency. By dividing one number by the other, you’ll arrive at the exchange rate. There’s an important caveat, though: Extra fees are almost always charged too. Inquire about them to ensure you have the most accurate information possible.

Odds are that you’d rather not make dozens of phone calls to local Halifax banks. Here’s the thing: Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange already does that each and every day. Indeed, we contact local banks each day to find out what currency exchange rates they are charging. We don’t do this because we’re shopping around ourselves. We do it to ensure that our rate is, indeed, the lowest in town. Unlike those big banks, we don’t charge a laundry list of random fees, so you stand to save even more by dealing with us for currency exchange in Halifax.

Why does getting the lowest currency exchange rate matter? It’s one thing if you’re only exchanging a few dollars. For large volumes of money, however, getting the most competitive rate can save you huge amounts of money. The great thing is you don’t have to shop around. Just turn to the experts at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange.

About Halifax

As the most populated city on Canada’s Atlantic coast, Halifax has long been an important city. This charming capital of Nova Scotia is primarily situated on the Halifax Peninsula. It was founded in 1749, the same year that Father Le Loutre’s War began. A full 40 percent of Nova Scotia’s population resides here, with the 2011 Census counting nearly 400,000 residents. Those residents are served by numerous major banks, including HSBC, Bank of Montreal, RBC and ScotiaBank. These and other banks operate many branches in and around Halifax, but for low-priced currency exchange, you can’t beat Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange.

Want to enjoy the lowest currency exchange rate while exchanging Canadian dollars for U.S. dollars? Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange has you covered. For your free, no-obligation quote, call at (902) 800-2063 or 1-877-355-5239. A friendly representative will guide you through the process. You can also submit the form on this page to request your free quote now.

Unusual Trivia About Halifax

Halifax is one of Canada’s largest cities by area. Since the 1996 amalgamation of Halifax County with the former city, the Halifax Regional Municipality holds 5,490 square kilometres of land, which is over eight times the size of Toronto.

Halifax is a city of firsts including North America’s first zoo(1847), Canada’s first divorce(1750), Canada’s first public library(1864), English Canada’s first newspaper(1752) and Canada’s first covered ice rink(1863).

Halifax had some pretty strict laws about drinking back in the day. Until the 70’s, not only did you have to order food to get a drink, but men and women could not drink in the same establishment.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.

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