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Currency Exchange Victoria

Currency Exchange in Victoria (1-877-355-5239)

Knowing whether or not you have received the best exchange rate on US dollars can be difficult. With the market constantly changing, things can get confusing. It is often the case that people in Victoria rely on their banks to get the best currency exchange rate in the city. After all, the banks take care of all your other finances, so wouldn’t it make sense for them to take care of your currency exchange needs as well? Banks are well aware of this trust, and are willing to exploit it through inflated rates and hidden charges.

At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange we think differently. We understand the importance of saving money, and make it our mission to help our customers keep as much money in their pocket as possible.

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The Best Place to Buy or Sell US Dollars in Victoria

How do we go about helping our customers save money? Well first off, when you call Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, you will instantly be given a better than bank rate on US dollars, guaranteed. Our rates are all inclusive, with no hidden fees or additional costs. We believe in transparency, and that is something we promise to all of our customers.

Whether you are purchasing property south of the boarder, paying for tuition abroad, or just converting your income into your local currency, think of Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. If you are looking to do a comparison, call your local bank in Victoria before calling us and calculate your savings. We think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Best Currency Exchange in Victoria

When looking for international currency exchange in Victoria, an individual or business has many options to evaluate. One could need to a foreign currency exchange service in Victoria for a number of reasons, including but not limited to: travel abroad, property purchase, asset purchases, or tuition payments.

Regardless of reasons, if you need cash exchange, you should call KnightsbridgeFX at 1-877-355-5239 for a free, no-obligation quote. With our best rate guarantee, we will certainly offer you the best exchange rate for Canadian dollars to US dollars.

Where to Exchange Currency in Victoria

In the foreign exchange space, there are a number of foreign exchange providers for you exchange currency in Victoria, BC. Foreign exchange brokers, hotels, airports, and your bank all offer exchange services which may appeal to your needs. Generally speaking, cash exchanges are more expensive than those conducted electronically.

Victoria Airport Currency Exchange Services

Vancouver International Airport, which services Victoria, has an ICE Currency services located inside to exchange small amounts of travel money. If you’re looking for currency exchange in Victoria, there will be cheaper options available to you. The cost of holding cash on hand in a multitude of currencies is significant.

Victoria Hotel Currency Exchange Services

There are many hotels located in the Victoria region, and if you’re looking for currency exchange in central Victoria you may be able to conduct the exchange at one of the hotels. Some hotels in Victoria include the Econo Lodge and the Pacific Inn Resort, in addition to the major hotel chains such as the Hampton Inn & Suites, Four Points by Sheraton, and the Holiday Inn Hotel & Suites. Currency exchange services may be available inside these hotels.

Victoria Currency Exchange Kiosk Services

Foreign exchange in Victoria can be found at some currency exchange kiosks and brokers. Everforex and BC Currency Exchange both have locations to buy and sell currency in Victoria. It will be difficult to get the cheapest US exchange rate if you conduct the exchange using physical cash, so try to use cheques, drafts, and wire transfers to do the exchange in you are exchanging larger amounts.

Banks in Victoria Currency Exchange Services

The big five Canadian banks of BMO, CIBC, RBC, Scotiabank, and TD all have a presence in Victoria . You can exchange funds at any of these banks, however, banks always offer significantly marked up exchange rates.

Victoria Currency Exchange Brokers

A foreign exchange broker is the way to get the cheapest exchange rate from Canadian to US dollars. Foreign exchange brokers have extremely low-cost structures, which allow them to pass the savings on their customers.

When larger sums are involved for more significant purchases, savings in the exchange rate can amount to thousands of dollars. Especially for larger transactions, you should consult a specialized foreign exchange broker before doing a large currency exchange.

Money Exchange Victoria Tips

  1.  Buy your currency in bulk
  2.  Use a specialized foreign exchange broker
  3.  Avoid paying in cash if possible
  4.  Know the exchange rate
  5.  Avoid Commissions

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate in Victoria

When contemplating where to exchange funds, the two primary considerations will be convenience and cost. Generally speaking, the larger the amount you wish to exchange, the more important the exchange rate becomes, as it works on a percentage basis. For small exchanges, convenience plays a large factor, so a convenient location would be the better place to do your exchange. For the best exchange rates, a specialized foreign exchange broker should be the choice.

We understand that finding the best exchange rate can be difficult and often confusing. Call us today and speak with one of our helpful customer service representatives. We’re here to help.

About Victoria

Victoria is the capital city of the Canadian region of British Columbia and is situated on the southern tip of Vancouver Island off Canada’s Pacific drift. The city has a populace of around 85,792, while the metropolitan range of Greater Victoria, has a populace of 367,770, making it the fifteenth most crowded Canadian urban locale.

Named after Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and, at the time, British North America, Victoria is one of the most established urban communities in the Pacific Northwest, with British settlement starting in 1843. The city has held countless notable structures, specifically, its two most well-known historic points, Legislative structures (completed in 1897 and home of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia) and the Empress inn (opened in 1908). The city’s Chinatown is the second most established in North America after San Francisco’s. The district’s Coast Salish First Nations people groups set up groups in the territory sometime before non-local settlement, potentially a few thousand years prior, which had huge populaces at the season of European investigation.

Known as “The Garden City”, Victoria is an alluring city and a prominent tourism goal with a flourishing innovation part that has ascended to be its biggest income creating a private industry. Victoria is in the main twenty of world urban areas for personal satisfaction, as indicated by Numbeo. The city has a huge non-nearby understudy populace, who come to go to the University of Victoria, Camosun College, Royal Roads University, the Victoria College of Art, the Sooke Schools International Program and the Canadian College of Performing Arts. Victoria is exceptionally prominent with boaters with its wonderful and rough shorelines and shorelines. Victoria is additionally mainstream with retirees, who come to appreciate the mild and generally without snow atmosphere of the range and in addition the normally casual pace of the city.

More about Vancouver

Dubbed as the ‘Cultural Capital’ of Canada, this liquid city is easily one of the most sought-after destinations for tourists worldwide. It is also known for its hosting of several high profile international conferences and events. Concerning livability and quality of life, this coastal seaport city ranks amongst the top five in the world.


It is believed that around 8000 years ago, Aboriginals used to inhabit the Vancouver area. Earlier known as Gastown, this place became a natural choice for a harbor. Rapid all-round development of the city commensurate with the fast-rising number of industries led to extensive commercialization. Greenpeace, the well-known eco-activist group, was founded in Vancouver in the year 1971.


Dominated by the North Shore Mountains and the Mount Baker volcano, Vancouver is situated on the Burrard Peninsula. Its peninsular location is also a bonus for tourists, and it attracts a lot of movie shoots. Located just north of the American State of Washington, it has a natural harbor that provides a picturesque view. A large number of cruise ships depart from here to Alaska.


Mostly having a temperate climate, Vancouver is comparatively warm in winter. Also, it experiences a high rate of annual precipitation. Snowfall is not very common, and it has one of the mildest of winters among Canadian cities.


Long inhabited by native Americans, Vancouver is easily one of the most populous cities in Western Canada and shows diversity in terms of ethnicity and linguistics. A massive influx of foreigners, especially from China, has resulted in at least 30% inhabitants falling under Chinese heritage.


Apart from large industrial centers, port activities, mining and forestry form a significant chunk of its revenue sources. In the manufacturing sector, sawmilling and pulp/paper processing are major activities. Being a hot tourist destination, cruise ship vacations through Vancouver are common. Many lifestyle-brands have been founded and headquartered in Vancouver, and it is also becoming a popular choice for film and television studios.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.

More about Victoria, British Columbia

Don’t let the city of Victoria’s small population fool you, this beautiful destination is full of charm and fun activities to do. The city is located on the southern end of Vancouver Island and has immense natural beauty, including the ocean, mountains, and wonderful parks and gardens. Due to its location, Victoria has immense outdoor activities. Whether it is kayaking through the peaceful waters, hiking through the beautiful trails, or strolling through the breathtaking Butchart Gardens, Victoria does not disappoint.

Part of what makes Victoria such an excellent destination is its historical appeal. Residents and tourists may enjoy the spectacular museums, castles, lighthouses, and historical sites scattered throughout the city. If you choose, you can have the unique experience of touring one of several different castles in Victoria, gaining a wealth of knowledge, while admiring the physical beauty of the site. Overall, beauty and culture combine to provide one of the most fascinating cities in Canada.

Fun fact about Victoria: Despite a population of fewer than 400,000 people, Victoria welcomes over 3.5 million tourists every year.

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