Currency Exchange Montreal, Guaranteed to Beat Your Bank's Exchange Rate

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Pay international student tuition fee
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
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Currency Exchange Montreal, Guaranteed to Beat Your Bank's Exchange Rate

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Property purchase
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Currency Exchange Montreal, Guaranteed to Beat Your Bank's Exchange Rate

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Receive money from abroad
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Currency Exchange Montreal, Guaranteed to Beat Your Bank's Exchange Rate

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Competitive import/export exchange rate
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.
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Currency Exchange in Montreal

When it comes to currency exchange Montreal, our principle is simple. We will provide you the best currency exchange rates, much better than what you can expect from banks and thousands of currency exchange kiosks that you can find at airports, malls, tourist spots, etc. With a wide range of currencies available in our stock, you can be assured that you will get fast, professional services from the experts of this industry. Unlike banks, we are completely devoted to currency exchange, which means, we are ready to offer you competitive rates, thereby helping you save your hard-earned cash.

Where to Exchange Currency in Montreal

Montreal is an ideal weekend getaway for both family vacations as well as for a romantic trip. This city is very attractive and tourist-friendly. Many restaurants and stores here accept Visa and MasterCard and a few also accept American Express. However, you cannot completely rely on Visa or MasterCard. You must carry some Canadian dollars to pay for Taxi and other services that do not accept plastic money. Don’t wait until you reach there; get some local currency ready before you leave for Montreal.

There are a lot of options for exchanging currency in Montreal. You can either get it done through your local bank or through specialized currency exchange companies like ours. Carry enough converted currencies so you don’t fall short of it but, if you still need more, you can get them exchanged at the airport or at the specialized kiosks located in the downtown area. These places either charge a currency exchange fee or offer you a few points less/more than the exchange rate and take out their profit from it. Most banks in Montreal also offer currency exchange services. Usually, they have a good stock of U.S dollars, so you won’t have any trouble but, they may run out of USD during the peak holiday seasons. Like kiosks, banks also charge hefty fees for currency exchange. Nevertheless, let’s look at all the available options for currency exchange in Montreal.

Montreal Airport Currency Exchanges Services

Montreal International Airport, like any other airports, is the worst place to get your money exchanged. The kiosks owners there know that if you have approached them, then you desperately need their local currencies. This is why they will charge you a high fee to get your currency exchanged to Canadian dollars. However, if you haven’t reached well-prepared and you have no other option but to get your currency exchanged at the airport, you can approach any of the six foreign exchange kiosks run by International Currency Exchange (ICE).

Montreal Hotel Currency Exchanges Services

Just like airport kiosks, hotels are also not a great option for getting your currency exchanged. Montreal is a popular tourist destination and, therefore, most popular hotels offer currency exchange services to assist their customers but they do overcharge you. They know that you are their captive customer and, therefore, they often set unfavorable exchange rates. Further, most currency exchange desks at the hotels deal with cash and often they do not provide any bills and they may not even adhere to the standard Canadian regulations. You need to be very careful while using them.

Banks in Montreal currency exchange services

Most banks and credit unions in Montreal offer currency exchange services. However, they do charge a significant markup for their services. In some cases, the markup could be as high as 3% or more. While 3% sounds a very insignificant amount to you, it could equate to thousands of dollars if you are going to exchange a lot of money. However, some banks offer credit cards and borderless plans for frequent travelers and those cards and plans are slightly better than one-time currency exchange rates.

Other than being expensive, banks are definitely not a good place to get your currency exchanged. When you are on your vacation or on your business trip, the last thing you would want to do is to find a bank, stand in a queue, and wait for the non-so-interested teller to give you the local currency. Having the local currency with you before you leave is a better idea.

ATMs are better than banks. They are fast and, very often, they give you a better exchange rate. When using ATM, always choose to be charged in local currency. Some ATMs have the provision of performing transactions in home currency but avoid this or else you will have to pay a fee for it.

Montreal currency exchange brokers

Brokers are often better than banks. They exclusively deal in currency exchange, so they will be very keen to provide you the best possible exchange rates. Brokers like us generally deal in large amounts and, therefore, we are able to offer you a rate that can easily beat any bank quotes. However, you may not really want to look for a broker in a foreign land, and, very often, you may find it hard to trust them. We agree with you, which is why we recommend that you must trust a reliable and experienced broker like us. You can get your currency exchange with us before you leave. We do not deal with cash. All our transactions are done online. So you will have all your converted currency in your bank account. You can use that to pay bills electronically or take out money from the ATM. If you fall short of the local currency, you can call us or email us for further exchange. Even if we don’t have any physical branch there, we will still be able to arrange local currency in Orangeville for you within no time. This means you will not have to find any bank or rely on expensive kiosks.

No bank can provide you such hassle-free services like ours. We guarantee you the best currency exchange for Montreal rates. Other than Montreal, we also offer currency exchange services for many other cities such as Ottawa, Toronto, and Surrey. Contact us today for more details.

About Montreal

French-speaking Montreal is the second-most populous city in Canada receiving its name from the three peaks of the “Mount Royal” hill. In 2011, Montreal had a population of 1,600,000 and might be best known for its dominant Canadien’s hockey team.

There are many different industries concentrated in the Montreal area, including aerospace, television and video gaming. Since the late 1990s, the top names in comics, software and entertainment have begun to open offices in the city. Currency exchange in Montreal could involve high net worth individuals, corporations, non-governmental or government departments. Here are some of the primary Montreal bank branches: Bank of Montreal (BMO), CIBC, HSBC, RBC, and Scotiabank.
The National Bank of Canada and Laurentian Bank of Canada have their headquarters in Montreal.

Dial (514) 613-0393 or 1-877-355-5239 for your free no-obligation currency exchange quote – one of our customer service reps will walk you through the entire process step-by-step. We also have a form at the bottom of the page. Just fill it out with your information and we can discuss how to get the best currency exchange possible in Montreal.

More about Montreal, Quebec

The city of Montreal is the second largest city in Canada and possesses some of the country’s most appealing culture and attractions. A quick stroll through Montreal will show you the cities diversity, as there are numerous styles of houses, buildings, and streets. Part of this is because Montreal is the world’s second-largest French-speaking country. This city also participates in some of the culture of other European countries, adding to its diversity. This is evident in some of the landmarks in Montreal such as the Notre Dame Basilica which is a large Gothic church, or Old Montreal which is a part of Montreal made to look and feel like France, providing a taste of the French culture.

Montreal is not only known for its diverse culture and historical sites but also for its great outdoors attractions. One of the premier outdoor locations to visit is Mount Royal, which is a large volcanic hill, with a public park and several different activities to participate in. The city also offers the stunning Montreal Botanical Gardens, with tens of thousands of plant species and impeccable gardens, it is truly a sight to behold.

Fun fact about Montreal: In 1976 Montreal held Canada’s first ever Summer Olympics.

Montreal is Quebec’s cultural and economic capital as well as the province’s main gateway. The vibrant metropolis is the second biggest city in Canada and home to more than 1,700,000 residents. As the next largest primarily French-speaking city after Paris, Montreal boasts a unique historical, architectural, and cultural richness.

Montreal’s history dates back to 1535 when Jacques Cartier sailed from France to Canada where he discovered an island on the Saint Lawrence River. 100 years later, Montreal was visited again by another French explorer, Samuel de Champlain, who established a trading post on the western side of the city and settlers began infiltrating the area. Between 1841 and 1849 Montreal was flourishing as Canada’s capital, while the country was under British rule. Between WWI and WWII, the city has become known as the second Paris. After WWII, Montreal was restored and became a place of prosperity.

Nowadays, the metropolis is a centre of world affairs, commerce, industry, finance, technology, and culture. The city’s economy is the largest in Quebec and second largest in Canada.

Montreal is the only city in North America built around a mountain, Mount Royal, which inspired the municipality’s name. The place is settled between the Rivière des Prairies and Saint Lawrence River, which has become one of the largest inland ports in the world.

The metropolis is divided into several districts, each with its specific charm. Montreal’s Downtown is the place where you’ll find mighty skyscrapers, shopping centers, museums and the world-famous Mont-Royal Park. Old Montreal is the historical area, where you can admire the oldest architectural style of the city. In Latin-Le Village, you’ll stubble upon coquette boutiques, cafes, restaurants, clubs, and the imposing UQAM headquarters. Jean Drapeau Park is comprised of Saint Helena and Notre-Damme islands; it’s also home to another important attraction: the beautiful Montreal Casino. Other districts of the metropolis include The Plateau, Rosemont-Le Petite Patrie, and Westmont-Notre-Damme de Grace. In Hochelaga-Maisonneuve you’ll find Cote des Neiges, Outremont, South-West Botanical Park and Botanical Garden, the Lachine Canal, and the Atwater Market. Mile End is an area with a rich social and cultural life where the renowned Rialto Theatre is located.

Montreal offers a plethora of leisure ops. Tourists and residents can hike Mount Royal, check out the stunning Notre-Dame Basilica, learn about nature at Montreal Biodome, explore Montreal Botanical Garden, stroll along the Old Port, enjoy the city’s Gallic charm, discover its popular undergrounds, and celebrate its diversity. Overall, Montreal is a wonderful place to live in and visit, offering a taste of Europe and North America, rich in history, architectural styles, and culture.

Montreal Trivia

  • John Lennon wrote the song “Give Peace a Chance” while he and Yoko Ono were staying in the city’s Queen Elizabeth Hotel in June of 1969.
  • The city’s Saint Joseph’s Oratory of Mount Royal is the largest church in all of Canada.
  • In 1990, three Montreal college students created the first online search engine.
  • The snowblower was invented in Montreal in 1927.
  • The city’s Miskatonic Institute of Horror Studies is a film school focused solely on making scary movies.\
  • The world’s first hockey game was played in the city in 1875.

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