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Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
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We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
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Barrie Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates (1-877-355-5239)

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Property purchase
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Barrie Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates (1-877-355-5239)

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Receive money from abroad
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Barrie Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates (1-877-355-5239)

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
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accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.
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KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number M09819788.
We offer same day delivery of funds to your desired destination if booked before bank cut-off.
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BARRIE: Currency Exchange (Call 1-877-355-5239)

Individuals and business exchange currencies for many different reasons. Regardless of your intentions or motives for making conversions, it’s important to get the FX service that best suits your personal needs. Whether you need money to pay off expenses overseas, or just want some pocket change for travelling abroad, most individuals living in the modern world will convert currencies at least once in their lifetime. You may think the bank is your only option for dollar conversions in Barrie, but there are so many other methods that aren’t as frequently advertised. In fact, if you want the best USD exchange rates in Barrie you may have to go digital. Although you could technically find all the big Canadian financial institutions in Barrie (RBC, BMO, TD, Scotiabank, CIBC, and more) the best deals are frequently discovered online.

If you’re in love with the idea of saving money on international currency exchange, we’d point you to Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange for the best currency exchange rates in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

Where to Exchange Currency in Barrie

When it comes to exchanging currencies in Barrie, you’re faced with several choices. There are three main groups that the various options fall into: independent brokers, chain financial franchises that offer FX services, and banks. Each of these decisions is associated with their own pros and cons, which you could then use to decide where to conduct your business. If your goal is to prioritize a low transaction cost (i.e., getting the best rate) even if it means using an unfamiliar service, then an independent broker or franchise may be the best option for you. If you want to go somewhere you feel more comfortable and secure with, with the idea of convenience in mind, then the bank may be the better choice. However, if your interest in savings outweighs the importance of convenience, going online to find Barrie USD exchange rates is the ultimate choice. For an easy and efficient signup process, use or contact KnightsbridgeFX for a digital transfer.

Barrie Nearby Airport Currency Conversion

Always be asking yourself, what is my main priority on Barrie currency exchange? If you plan on booking large transactions and want to be able to save hundreds of dollars, make sure you get your exchange done before you go to the airport.  Toronto Pearson International Airport, the nearest airport to Barrie, has extremely high rent fees like all other major airports and that means that airport exchange brokers have significantly increased expenses to make up for. In order to cover their costs whilst profiting, they markup their rates even more than online-only exchange providers do, meaning that you’re unlikely to find the best USD exchange rates in Barrie an airport booth or kiosk. Even though airports are notorious for poor rate offerings, many individuals still use them because they appear as the “last minute” option to convert. Their consumer base is made up mostly of last-minute shoppers, or those who just want the convenience of doing their exchange at the airport.

Barrie Currency Conversion Franchises

When travelling around the city, you might occasionally run into an alternate method of currency exchange in Barrie in the form of a public exchange kiosk. Typically, these are found in tourist areas in downtown Barrie, or even near the lakeshore. Alternatively, you could find these booths in a shopping mall, high-traffic tourist area, hotel or another area you’ll find lots of people. These kiosks don’t usually have quite the overhead that a full retail store has, but they do still have tons of costs that come with being a brick-and-mortar establishment. Thus, they probably still have to markup their rates a fair bit above the average and are unlikely to have the best USD exchange rates in Barrie or even be competitive at all. If you’re unsure of which independent brokerage firm to go with in Barrie, do some research on the company first. If they claim to offer the best currency exchange rates in Barrie, make sure you look into them further to make sure it’s a legitimate operation. For example, make sure they require personal identification and that your information is safe and secure. It also pays off to check a firm’s Google reviews to see what others are saying about it. Another great way to tell if a company is reputable or not is by determining its regulatory status. KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number M09819788.

Banks in Barrie Currency Exchange Services

Banks are the most frequently used provider of currency exchange in Barrie, although truthfully it has a lot to do with public misinformation. The reality is, many individuals simply do not realize there are better deals out there. Just because you see a ton of bank branches in downtown Barrie does not mean that banks are the most ideal way to exchange your dollars. What some people may not realize is you don’t get anywhere near a currency’s base rate at a major Barrie bank, you’re much better off choosing a digital-only FX service provider. Some Canadian banks are even known to charge a rate that has about a 3% markup on popular currencies, which is a very high cost when you’re transacting thousands of dollars. So, while the bank may be nice and convenient to most people, if you want the best USD exchange rates in Barrie or the best foreign money exchange rates in Barrie, you’ll want to look elsewhere.

FX Brokerage Firms in Barrie

Online-based currency conversion brokers are always looking to get more of the foreign exchange consumer base in Barrie. Some of those include offering lower exchange rates if you plan to exchange more (variable scaling) and allowing delayed or installed payment plans. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we’ve put our primary focus on offering our customers the best USD exchange rates and the best foreign money rates in Barrie. We’re able to do this because we’ve created the business with the plan of having a low overhead cost. KnightsbridgeFX effectively has no physical retail stores or brick and mortar establishments for customers; the KBFX platform exclusively deals in electronic money. This allows us to pass the great savings down to you by providing the best currency exchange rates in Barrie, simply from having less operational costs to make up for. The best part is that KnightsbridgeFX works with your bank, not against it – you can have money sent to one of your registered bank accounts with ease.


How to Get the Best Currency Exchange Rates in Barrie

So how do we know that we have the ultimate deals on US dollars in Barrie, especially when considering how many other providers are out there? We’ve seen the data showing that customers who use Knightsbridge FX for currency exchange in Barrie save an average of 1-2% per exchange over the leading providers. In as simple terms as possible, where the bank may charge you 2.8% we can offer as low as 0.8%. In fact, we are so certain that our rates price out the competition that we invite you to do a manual comparison. Call your bank or another provider for an exchange rate, and then call us for the same exchange rates to see that we indeed have the more favorable FX rates in Barrie.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Large Northern City of Barrie, ON

Looking for a big city like Toronto but hate the downtown apartment rent prices? Do you want the experience of living in a sizeable city while simultaneously being close to nature and Lake Simcoe? If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions, you may wish to check out the city of Barrie which is located on the south-western shore of Lake Simcoe.

Barrie is a Central Ontario city in the Simcoe Valley that has a population of 141,000, although it is rising quite rapidly as the Greater Toronto Area expands and more families decide to move up north. While it is technically within the Simcoe Valley, it is actually politically independent from the region. Even though it’s quite a northern city for Ontario, it still features a high degree of diversity in its communities – mostly due to the many new residents it acquires each year. The city’s immense attraction to new families and even the working class is attributed to the fact that it’s built around the 400 highway. In other words, commuting from Barrie to other regions of the GTA is a relatively simple process.

Do you have to exchange currency several times a month or even a week? Then you know just how much value there is in a reliable and fair currency exchange provider. That’s what you get with Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. We want to show you how easy and convenient it is too. Give us a call at 1-877-355-5239 and we can take you through our exchange process step by step. We’ll include a free no-obligation quote with it too. If you’d rather go online, our application only takes a few minutes, getting you ready to exchange in a flash!

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.

Fun Facts About the City of Barrie, Ontario

  • Barrie’s local communities thrive on tourism, mainly due to the city’s waterfront location on the shores of Lake Simcoe
  • Barrie loves hosting festivals all year round, including Jazz & Blues Festival, Winterfest, and Ribfest
  • The city’s residents claim that it’s the perfect place for nature lovers – it’s near a major lake (Simcoe), close to a ski resort (Blue Mountain), and has many hiking trails around the area
  • Barrie is home to a world class figure skating rink known as the Mariposa School of Skating
  • This northern Ontario city has a relatively low unemployment rate

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