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Currency Exchange in Brampton (416-479-0834)

If you’re interested in buying or selling large amounts of US dollars in Brampton, there are many places in the city you can visit. However, the vast majority of these places may be charging you much more than you think. Banks and large financial institutions often have hidden fees and extra costs that are not included in the initial rate that they give. These inflated rates are a result of high overhead costs resulting in the need for higher profit margins. What does this mean for you? It means that you are losing more of the money that rightfully belongs to you.

The problem is that the majority of people are unaware of alternative options, and feel as though doing exchange transactions with their bank is the only solution. This is where we come in. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange provides customers with a better than bank rate, guaranteed. On average our rates are 1-2% better than the banks and leading financial institutions. Our low overhead costs, and established relations with banks across the globe, allow us to provide extremely competitive rates for small businesses and individuals.

Where to Exchange Currency in Brampton

If you are looking for currency exchange, Brampton has several options including cash exchange. To name a few, you will be able to find services such as Continental Currency Exchange, ICE Currency Exchange, and Goel Foreign Exchange. However, it is unlikely that these services will provide the cheapest way to exchange Canadian to US dollars as they do physical money exchange in Brampton. To save the most money, and for your Brampton Currency Exchange needs, try Knightsbridge FX. They provide the lowest rates and great service by doing exchanges through the banks and online with no storefronts or physical cash involved. They have a best rate guarantee and can save you lots of money on your transactions. They can also provide solutions for international currency exchange in Brampton and for snowbirds and US dollar buyers they have programs and services in place to not only provide the best exchange rate, CAD to USD, but also quick and convenient service.

Bramalea City Centre Currency Exchange

Located at 25 Peel Centre Drive in Brampton, just off of Queen Street, the Bramalea City Centre is the largest commercial and retail centre in the city of Brampton, Ontario.  It is one of the best places for international currency exchange because of the large selection of service providers.   It provides a number of financial services through the bank’s retail currency exchange stores, and currency exchange kiosks.  If you’re looking for a money exchange, your first option might be through the banks that have branches inside the mall.  All of the Big Five Canadian Banks have a branch situated inside including TD Canada Trust, the Bank of Montreal, Scotia Bank, the Royal Bank of Canada, and CIBC.  The advantage of having all these branches situated together is that you can compare their rates in person pretty quickly if you want.

Another option for money exchange at the Bramalea City Centre is the retail currency exchange stores.  There is a continental currency exchange branch which is quite a reputable company and has a number of branches throughout Ontario.  Another retail operation is the International Currency Exchange (ICE) which is another reputable company; however, they only have a small kiosk location which is situated on the lower level of the mall.  Money Mart is also another well-known money service business chain in Canada, and it also has a branch located on the upper level.  While they focus more on loans and money transfers, they also provide a currency exchange service.  If you’re selling gold, there’s a Gold Buyers kiosk that is located on the lower level as well.

The good thing with this many currency exchange services within the Bramalea City Centre is that it tends to ensure that the rates remain competitive because customers can simply compare rates and use the service that has the best one.  Some might have different currencies in hands that others might not, so there’s a number of options to choose from.

Brampton Airport Currency Exchange Services

Though technically located in Mississauga, Ontario, the Toronto Pearson International Airport is geographically adjacent to Brampton and provides both a banking currency exchange with CIBC and a retail currency exchange through the Travelex currency exchange.  There are a number of CIBC banking centres that are situated in all terminals within both the arrival and departure areas.  Travelex also has locations at the arrivals, check-in and departure areas in terminal 1 and terminal 3.  Generally, airports are notorious places for exchanging currency, and Pearson International Airport is not an exception.  This is because currency exchange for travelers at this point is an inelastic demand; people that haven’t already exchanged their currency for their planned trip don’t want to deal with the headache of finding a location abroad.  The airports know this, so this is why they charge so much more.  Ideally, it is best to exchange your currency ahead of time and avoid airport currency exchange services at all costs.  If you’re returning from a trip and have some leftover currency, don’t feel that you need to exchange right then and there, there are a number of better options once you get home.

Brampton Hotel Currency Exchange Services

Due to its proximity to Toronto Pearson International Airport, Brampton is home to a number of hotels that provide an in-house currency exchange service.  Some of these include the Hampton Inn by Hilton Brampton, the Courtyard by Marriott Brampton, and the Hilton Garden Inn Toronto/Brampton, and the Monte Carlo Inn Brampton Suites.  These hotels provide a convenient option for money exchange in Brampton especially if you’re visiting the Greater Toronto Area from abroad.  While the rates aren’t the best, it’s not as notoriously bad as the rates at the bank.

Cash Money Queen Street Brampton

Queen Street has long been an important part of Brampton’s downtown core, comprising of a number of different commercial, residential and retail establishments.  There are a number of places that provide cash money currency exchange services including banks, cash money retail services, hotels, and other currency exchange providers.  There are a number of banks along Queen street amongst the big Five Banks including BMO and TD Canada Trust which are located at Queen and Main street, RBC has a branch at Queen and Kennedy.  There is also a Scotia Bank and an HSBC at Queen and Hansen road.

In terms of cash money exchange services, there are a number of retail operations along Queen street that provide a number of money service businesses.  Some of these include Cash 4 You, Money Mart, Cash Shop, and Cash Money.

How to Get the Best Exchange Rate in Brampton

When you need to exchange money, we don’t ask that you just take our word for it. Call up your local bank and inquire about their currency exchange fees. They should be able to tell you over the phone. Try a few banks you trust and give us a call at (204) 318-1150, as well. The numbers speak for themselves. Compared with major banks, our lower overhead costs allow us to stay nimble and competitive. That’s how we pass on the savings to you. Plus, banks rely on their larger customer base to exchange currency with them, meaning that they don’t have to be competitive in their pricing. Once you see the offers we can make, we doubt you’ll waste your time (or money) every exchanging at a bank again.

When making your calls, keep in mind that exchange rates fluctuate rapidly from one day to the next. Therefore, make sure that you’re comparing “apples to apples” when you check the pricing for various banks.

The Best Place to Buy or Sell US Dollars in Brampton

Compare and save with Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange:  Many banks in Brampton do not compare rates with other institutions. This means your only way of knowing what else is out there is by calling all the banks in your area and getting a quote. Although economically savvy, this process is extremely time-consuming, and might not be the most efficient way to change money quickly. Instead of going through this lengthy process why not just call Knightsbridge Foreign exchange? We offer a thorough comparison of all banks and institutions and guarantee a better rate. All the hard work has been already done for you. We call all the banks in Brampton on a daily basis and provide rates that are on average 1-2% more favorable. All you have to do is call us and book a rate, leave the rest to us. It’s as easy as it sounds. Call us today and see for yourself.

About Brampton

Once known as The Flower Town of Canada, Brampton is a city located in Southern Ontario and is known for its large greenhouse industry. Aside from this, Brampton is also home to industries such as advanced manufacturing, retail administration and logistics, information and communication technologies, life sciences, and others. As the third-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area and the ninth largest city in Canada, Brampton’s rich history dates back to the 1800s with a population of only 50 in 1858.

To protect its natural and cultural heritage, the city has revived the “Flower Town” theme known as the “Flower City Strategy” to inspire design projects, community landscaping, and environmental sustainability. A part of this is participation in the national “Communities in Bloom” competition where communities throughout Canada compete on subjects such as tidiness, environmental awareness, heritage conservation, and many more.

Located in Ontario, Canada, Brampton is the regional municipality of Peel. It’s the third-largest city in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), and ninth-largest one in the country. Besides its beautifully landscaped parks and streets, Brampton is also popular for its new, refurbished neighborhoods and multicultural communities.


Founded around the 1830s, Brampton’s name is inspired by John Elliott’s (one of its founders) English birthplace. Two major events took place in 1853: the village’s incorporation and Brampton Fall Fair’s first edition; the fair still continues nowadays. In 1867, Brampton became the seat of Peel county and in 1974 it officially became a city.
While the area was growing, paper production, horticulture, and tanning were the local economy’s main elements. What’s more, during the late 19th century, Brampton was known for its flower industry; which is why they often called it “Flower Town”.


Settled southeast of Ontario, west of Toronto, and right on Etobicoke Creek, Brampton has more than 4,000 acres of parkland, 400 parks, and 90 kilometers of trails. Its continental climate is typical to most of the Peel Region and the GTA.


It’s interesting to point out that 80% of Brampton’s businesses are small- or medium-sized, with 50 employees or less. The main industries include the manufacturing of telecommunications equipment, automobiles, and aerospace technology, as well as brick making, business services, food & beverage distribution, and retail.


Every single weekend, there are numerous farmers markets taking place throughout the city. Producers from all across Brampton and Caledon bring their goodies to the designated spaces, while locals and tourists stroll around the stalls.

The city’s downtown square (also known as “The Four Corners”) is the place to be for everything entertainment in Brampton. It regularly hosts shows and concerts situated just on top by Rose Theatre.

Gage Park is another important sight of the area. Not only because of its mature trees and a gorgeous gondola, but also because of the events it holds, the community it creates, and the great opportunity to sit down, relax, and enjoy nature.

Unusual Trivia About Brampton

  • Brampton’s current population of 593,638 is nearly 12,000 times what it was when the city was first established in 1853 with just 50 residents.
  • Brampton is known as “The Flower City”, and this comes from its history as one of the world’s largest producers of cut flowers. At one point, there were 48 nurseries in the city with the largest being Dale’s Nursery.
  • Brampton is one of Canada’s most diverse cities with 44.3% South Asians, 13.9% Black Canadians, 26% Europeans and 3.4% Filipinos among other ethnic groups.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.

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