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Coquitlam, BC, is a vibrant city known for its lush outdoors and countless adventure opportunities. It’s also less than an hour from the US border, making cross-border shopping or business trips a common practice for locals. If you're planning to hop across the border, it’s nice to have a few US dollars in your wallet.

To have them, though, you’ll need to find a reliable service for currency exchange in Coquitlam. Our friendly team at KnightsbridgeFX is happy to assist you in converting your CAD to USD easily and efficiently. Interested in how it all works? Let's take a look.

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Here’s How Our Service Works

To date, KnightsbridgeFX has successfully facilitated the exchange of over 2 billion Canadian dollars. Want to be a part of the Knightsbridge community? Follow the steps below to book your transaction:

Receive a No Obligation Quote

Get a Quote

Getting ready to make a foreign exchange transaction but feeling a little overwhelmed? No worries at all! Here at KnightsbridgeFX, we're all about making things simple. We also value transparency, which is why we provide a free quote to all our prospective customers.

Give us a call at 1-877-355-5239 and chat with one of our customer service representatives to receive your quote.

Remember, there's absolutely no obligation to continue with us after receiving your quote. That’s left to you.

Book the Transaction

Book Your Transaction

Satisfied with the quoted exchange rate? Great! You can jump to the next stage and book your transaction. Fill out the transaction form, confirm the rate provided, and we'll send a trade confirmation receipt to your email.

This receipt will outline all the details for your transaction, ensuring complete transparency every step of the way. And rest assured, not a single penny will be moved until you've confirmed you're satisfied with everything.

Complete Your Money Transfer

Complete the Transfer

If you’ve checked over your trade receipt and you’re ready to move forward, you can do this either via a standard bank transfer or an online bill payment.

Worried about your bank's compatibility? No need! KnightsbridgeFX is registered with every Canadian bank for easy accessibility and seamless transfers.

Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save on your next transaction

Take advantage of the best exchange rates when buying US real estate, moving to another country, sending money to family, and paying foreign tuition.

Free same-day transfers, no hidden fees and professional service.

Our converter uses mid-market rates. The rate is subject to change.

Interbank Rate: 1 USD = 1 USD


Your savings when exchanging with KnightsbridgeFX instead of your bank.

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Your Money is in Safe Hands

Your Money is in Safe Hands

If you need foreign exchange services, you want a company you can trust to manage your money.

With KnightsbridgeFX, your funds are secure! Our operations are regulated by FINTRAC, a Canadian government agency dedicated to preventing scam artists from seizing your funds during transactions. We also have a $1,000,000 safety net for additional protection of client funds.

Your money is always safe with us.

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Where To Do Money Exchange in Coquitlam, BC

Navigating the world of currency exchange might seem a tad overwhelming, especially if you're dipping your toes in for the first time. No worries – we’ve got you covered.

Here are some notable locations:

Where To Do Money Exchange in Coquitlam, BC
  • Currency exchange services at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

    Currency exchange services at Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

  • Hotel money transfer services

    Hotel money transfer services

  • Currency exchange kiosks

    Currency exchange kiosks

  • Bank foreign exchange services

    Bank foreign exchange services

  • And of course, currency exchange brokers

    And of course, currency exchange brokers

While each one is reliable and will get the job done, let's face it: most customers are looking for the best deal. Our team—your champions of optimal rates—is committed to fetching you the lowest rates available, especially for those big-ticket transfers (transactions totalling $5,000 or more).

Most banks generally take a currency conversion cut of around 2-3%. But at Knightsbridge, we chop that down to only half a percentage on your transfers. Imagine your savings—that could be thousands of dollars back in your pocket!

So, for Coquitlam residents engaged in international business affairs, grappling with tuition fees, or dealing with any high-volume money exchange, use KnightsbridgeFX as your go-to service.

Stop overpaying with your bank on foreign exchange

We are built to beat bank exchange rates and save you money

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KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number M09819788. Like most financial institutions, we are required to validate the identity of all clients. We have strict measures in place to protect your privacy.


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KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number

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Why Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange is the Best Choice in Coquitlam

Here at KnightsbridgeFX, we pride ourselves on offering the most competitive exchange rates in Canada. Our team conducts regular checks on local bank rates to ensure we’re always delivering what we promise.

In addition to our prices, we also offer the following benefits to our valued customers:

  • Security


    Your safety is our priority. We are regulated by FINTRAC to ensure secure transactions and also maintain a $1,000,000 security net – several layers of consumer protection.

  • Prompt Service

    Prompt Service

    We value your time. Expect quick, efficient service that ensures your funds arrive on the same day of transaction or by the next day at the latest.

  • Transparency

    Transparent Transactions

    In our books, honesty is the only policy. Before we process your funds, we provide an exchange rate confirmation upfront, leaving no room for hidden charges.

  • Ease of Use

    Convenience at its Best

    Our registration and booking process is quick and simple, promising your money on the same day.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Exceptional Customer Service

    You matter to us. Our customer service team is on standby, ready to assist and make your experience as smooth as possible. Feel free to call our toll-free number for extra support!

Start Exchanging Better

Better Service, Better Transfers

Though banks offer a variety of services, their foreign exchange services often include inflated fees and hefty rates. Most financial services like banks and kiosks put money-making first. With KnightsbridgeFX, you can expect rates that are 2.5% lower than any Canadian bank.

If you ...

  • Are moving to the US
  • Hold investments in US real estate
  • Own a business that imports and exports goods to the US regularly
  • Are paying international student tuition fees
  • Traveling abroad long-term

...Then our system is the ideal choice for exchanging Canadian and US currency.

The Best in Currency Exchange

The Best in Currency Exchange

Canadian consumers have trusted KnightsbridgeFX for their foreign currency exchange needs since 2009. Over the past 14 years, we’ve had the pleasure of assisting over 130,000 customers with their transactions. Now we’re here extending our hand to you as well.

No need to worry about your next currency exchange. Give us a call, get your free quote and we’ll walk you through the process. Ready to join the Knightsbridge family?

To connect with one of our brokers, call the numbers below:

Toll-Free: 1-877-355-5239
Vancouver: (877) 355-5239

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