Guelph Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Pay international student tuition fee
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We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
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Guelph Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Property purchase
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Guelph Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Receive money from abroad
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Guelph Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Competitive import/export exchange rate
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.
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KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number M09819788.
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GUELPH: Currency Exchange (1-877-355-5239)


Whether you’re a long standing resident of Guelph or just travelling through the area, the community provides a range of financial services that are on par with most major cities. If you’re seeking to exchange foreign currency, there’s no need to drive into Toronto for this service. In terms of providers, both the major Canadian banks and dedicated third-party exchange bureaus offer FX within Guelph’s limits, or in neighboring Kitchener-Waterloo. Before you drive straight to a nearby branch of your local bank, it may be worth learning a bit more about the foreign exchange industry.

As digitalization improves and informational barriers start reducing, many bank-dependant individuals are discovering that their own banks charge unreasonable rates for basic services. From setting maintenance fees on savings accounts to charging for simple bank activities like withdrawals, the banks have historically gotten away with issuing tons of unnecessary costs. Especially when it comes to currency conversions, many individuals go to their bank without giving it a second thought.  Most individuals, regardless of their industry knowledge, understand that some airport FX booths charge outrageous exchange rates in order to profit off unsuspecting travelers. From our experience, many banks do precisely the same thing but it just goes widely unnoticed. There’s never been an easier time in history to become properly informed on foreign exchange. Allow us to help you receive the best rates on US dollars in Guelph, Ontario.

Places in Guelph Where You Could Find CAD to USD Conversions

Guelph is not a large city by any means, but there are still a few local currency exchange services with most of them being physical cash businesses. Cash transaction companies in Guelph also include the big Canadian banks and all other independent currency brokers. A good rule of thumb to follow is that banks generally charge the most for their exchange rates, while independent specialized brokers tend to provide the cheapest way to exchange Canadian to US dollars (and other tradable currencies for that matter). At the end of the day, it is most important to choose a provider that satisfies your requirements and gives you peace of mind during the transaction. That is why it is essential to perform your own research and due diligence to see which providers will work best for you, while simultaneously considering cost versus convenience. Some things to think about include timeline of transaction, ease of use, level of service, online reviews, overall reputation, and consumer experiences. These things can be found in online forums such as, Google reviews, and contacting a company’s service representatives directly.

Region of Waterloo International Airport: YKF

Unfortunately no matter which city you are in, the cheapest rates for USD, Euros, or even CAD will not be found at airports. The Waterloo regional international airport also subscribes to this rule. When you think about FX booths at an airport, these businesses look to capture business by preying on travelers who seek an urgent exchange. When individuals are running out of time to book an exchange, the business has no worries about overcharging. As you can probably guess, this means that booking transactions at any time in an airport is very expensive. In the case that there are no other options, ICE Currency services is available at the Waterloo regional airport for your convenience. Please note that although we are huge advocates of convenience, we hope that you don’t frequent airport FX services since they will cost you dearly.

Exchanging Money at Hotel Chains

Most hotels, motels, and hotel chains have customer convenience in mind, and many times this involves offering in-house currency exchange services or being able to make recommendations. The concierge or receptionist more often than not is aware of local FX providers that can help meet your needs in the immediate area. Some of the larger hotel chains like Best Western have in-house conversion services that serve to give you some pocket change while travelling. If you’re looking for a hotel with exchange that is native to Guelph, you could stay at the Days Inn. For alternatives, be sure to do a quick Google search to find out which other hotels and motels in Guelph offer these services to their customers.

Swapping Dollars in Densely Populated Areas

Most commonly found in popular public destinations and tourist areas, kiosks act as a convenient option for currency exchange. This includes companies such as ICE currency exchange, continental currency exchange, and other kiosks that you can find in large shopping centers/malls. Often, the rates they provide will not be the lowest possible, seeing as cash transactions typically come with higher fees. However, they can be a convenient option if you find yourself short on time. If you’re looking to avoid this physical cash premium, you can simply book an electronic transfer that deposits funds digitally into your bank account.

Using Guelph’s Major Banks for FX

All of the major banks in Canada provide currency exchange services, and to most individuals this is already apparent. What is less obvious is the fact that they charge much higher fees than their independent competition. Most customers do not bother to question the rates provided by the banks, mainly since the banks operate at a high level of consumer trust. To put it bluntly, many frequent FX users are simply unaware of other options. As a result, banks are able to charge nearly 2-3% over the market rate which results in diminished potential savings for you. If this is not an issue for you, or you are hesitant to trust another provider, then perhaps the best option is the banks. However, if you are looking to save money, you shouldn’t make FX transactions at your primary bank a priority.

Guelph Currency Exchange Brokers

Instead of the options mentioned above, there are other currency exchange brokers that are more specialized and designed with the ability to deliver lower costs and more competitive pricing. Many of these brokers have their own pros and cons. For example, some specialize in a few currencies and focus on providing, for example, the best exchange rate in Canada to the US. Others specialize by offering lowest costs through relatively larger amount transactions, and have no retail locations such as Knightsbridge FX (a purely digital entity). Be sure to look around and perform research to discover which provider is best for you, although you can’t go wrong with reputable online-only professionals if you’re looking to save money.

The Ideal Way to Exchange Various Currencies in Guelph

Taking your business to a qualified foreign currency exchange can save you dozens or even hundreds of dollars. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we focus exclusively on providing individuals and businesses with foreign currency exchange services at a fair price. In fact, our rates regularly beat the costs that you’ll pay at your own bank. Compared with the average Canadian financial institution, our rates can save you 1% more at the very minimum. If you’re considering one of the major banks for currency exchange, such as RBC or ScotiaBank, we’ll typically save you up to 2.5%. On larger exchanges, those percentages can add up to real dollars and cents.

Currency exchange is a straightforward commodity service – it shouldn’t be marketed as something that needs to come with high fees. However, many major banks use the service as a means of making a little extra revenue, which helps them cover high overhead costs that get cultivated by their hundreds of business expenses. If you’re already in the lobby of your own bank, you may be tempted to just exchange your money there. However, that’s exactly what major banks count on. Instead, we suggest you shop around and constantly compare rates online. Call up your bank and ask for their rates, and then call us for our rates – the answer will surprise you! We’re confident it will end up being worth your time.

A Short Intro to Guelph, Ontario

Also known as “The Royal City”, Guelph is a Canadian city located in southwestern Ontario. Just about 100 km (62 mi) west of central Toronto, Guelph is a vibrant part of the greater Toronto region. With low crime rates and notable natural beauty, the community regularly wins awards as one of Canada’s most desirable places to live. The economy in Guelph is relatively diverse, including manufacturing, education and accounting sectors. Throughout the broader economic recession, beginning in 2008, Guelph was regularly singled out for its unusually high employment rates and relatively unscathed economic picture. While in Guelph, it is possible to bank at branches from any of Canada’s major banks, including ScotiaBank, RBC Royal Bank and many others.

We invite you to give us a call any time at 1-877-355-5239 for currency exchange quote with no obligation whatsoever. You’ll learn from one of our representatives how quickly and easily you can proceed. If you prefer, you can also submit the form below and we’ll get you all of the information that you need to get the best rates on currency exchange in Guelph.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.


Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Guelph, ON

  • A study done by the Bank of Montreal in late 2018-early 2019 pronounced that Guelph had the lowest unemployment rates and highest levels of job growth in Canada
  • The “Guelph General” hospital is widely regarded to be one of the best in Canada in terms of medical practitioner capability
  • Sleeman Breweries Ltd was founded in Guelph, Ontario in 1988
  • Many fantastic film and TV show productions were recorded in Guelph, such as: Total Recall, American Gods, and a few episodes of Murdoch Mysteries

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