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We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
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Kamloops Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 877-355-5239

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
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accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Kamloops Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 877-355-5239

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
Receive money from abroad
accredited business
We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
It's your turn.

Kamloops Currency Exchange Get the Best Rates 877-355-5239

Send your money wherever it's needed, whatever the reason:
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We've helped customers save $25,000,000.
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We are regulated by FINTRAC (Government of Canada agency) and have a segregated account at major Canadian financial institution. We have set aside $1,000,000 for consumer protection.
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KAMLOOPS: Currency Exchange

Is it finally time for you to take that far away trip to Europe, Africa, or Asia that you’ve always dreamed of? For that, you’ll want to get the best foreign money exchange rates in Kamloops. When performing currency exchange in Kamloops, too many people think that the bank is their only option without actually considering the alternatives. After all, exchanging currencies a bank in Kamloops is easy. The downside is that banks and credit unions are notorious for their inflated exchange rates. Alternative sources of foreign exchange, such as independent brokerages, can help you get the best currency exchange rates in town. One of those options is Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. We keep our operating expenses low, and that allows us to be the ideal provider for currency exchange in Kamloops.

Banks are where a lot of customers default because they are either misinformed or aren’t comfortable using another method. What they don’t realize is they’re playing right into the hands of the banks, since banks leverage this knowledge to their advantage. They markup their rates beyond what’s fair since they don’t actually need to compete on price. There is no real reason other than the utility of it to pay these crazy prices; save your hard-earned money and choose Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange for all your currency exchange inquiries in Kamloops.

Places to Exchange Currency in Kamloops

If you’re looking to find a reliable provider of currency exchange in Kamloops, luckily you have a variety of options to choose from. The three main categories these providers fall into are independent brokers, franchises and banks. Each provider may offer different methods, rates, and payments plans to choose from in order to be competitive and stand out among others. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange is a provider that aims to offer the best USD exchange rates in Kamloops and the best foreign money exchange rates in Kamloops using a currency conversion process that is easy and convenient for consumers. On that note, KnightsbridgeFX exchanges your money with very cost-efficient transfer methods to get you the best currency exchange in Brampton and international currency at incredibly low prices.

Kelowna International Airport Currency Exchange near Kamloops

Currency exchange customers in Kamloops looking to get the most affordable rates on US dollars in Kamloops or the best foreign money exchange rates in Kamloops would be well served to avoid exchanging money at the airport. Kelowna International Airport is the closest airport to Kamloops, and like most other major airports, rent is much higher than the average retail location if it were outside the airport.  Because of the rent, along with the knowledge that they’ll find customers at the airport who need currency exchanged regardless of the rate, these airport brokers typically won’t offer you the best currency exchange deals in Kamloops.

Public Currency Conversion Spots in Kamloops

If you’re trying to find a reliable and widely available currency conversion spot Kamloops, you’ll find that there are often many small currency exchange kiosks scattered across public spaces like hotels, common tourist areas and shopping malls. Seeing as they are physical locations, they have added expenses associated with rent and physical cash requirements. Be wary when using an independent broker, because even if they claim to have the best USD exchange rates in Kamloops and the best foreign money exchange rates they could be inaccurate. As is the case with so many companies in the financial services sector, there are a minority of establishments that look to take advantage of others, so it’s important to be able to trust the brokers that you use. Fortunately there are government regulations in place to protect Canadians from putting their financial information at risk. An easy regulation to quickly check from the start is if they require personal identification from you. If they don’t, you should know regulations are being broken and thus they aren’t to be trusted. Even if they say they have the best currency exchange rates in Kamloops, make sure to research any independent brokers thoroughly before you trust them with your money and personal info.

Exchange Canadian Dollars at Kamloops Banks

When it comes to currency exchange in Kamloops, banks take up more of the market share than any of the other providers available. With that being said, just because banks are the most used source of currency exchange in Kamloops does not mean they are the best. You won’t find the rates you see displayed on the internet or television at the bank since they markup the rates often by as much as 3%. That makes for a huge loss in potential savings, especially as you exchange large amounts of currency. The best currency exchange rates in Kamloops can easily be obtained using the Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange platform, and the process is even easier and more convenient than going to the bank.

Independent Currency Exchange Brokerage Firms in Kamloops

Independent currency exchange brokers often look for a variety of ways to gain new customers, with some deals being advertised to specifically beat out the conventional bank exchange providers. For example, a smaller currency exchange may allow you to pay off your conversion with an installment plan, or even give you better rates based on how much you exchange. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, our main priority is to keep our operational overhead low, so that way we can accept a smaller profit margin on our exchange rates. We’ve done that by operating entirely online and over the phone, which means that we exclusively transact in electronic funds. Even though we don’t have any physical cash storefronts that you could walk into, this is what allows us to offer the best foreign money exchange rates in Kamloops.

The Most Competitive Currency Exchange Rates in Kamloops

Our customers at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange get rates that will save them around 1% to 2% (on average) compared to major banks and providers. While this may not impress you on smaller sized orders, if you’re exchanging $300,000 to buy foreign real estate then you can realize savings of $6,000 just by switching to KnightsbridgeFX. The more you exchange, the more that 1-2% difference will save. All you need to do to get that savings and the best currency exchange rates in Kamloops is to call us and talk to one of our friendly representatives. If you’re still not convinced, call us for a quote on any of our currencies and then compare it to your bank – we guarantee your satisfaction!

On the Topic of Kamloops, British Columbia

Kamloops is south-central city located in the eastern Canadian province of British Columbia. It finds itself at the meeting point of a couple branches of the Thompson River near Kamloops Lake. Around today’s date, Kamloops has a population of about 90,000 people and is expected to grow to 100,000 when factoring in the surrounding area. The city is most popularly known across the country as the “Tournament Capital of Canada” seeing as it hosts over 100 national events each year within city limits. The name “Kamloops” originates from Shuswap (a native tribe) equivalent to “meeting of the waters” which is what the area is rightfully called. An alternate theory for the community’s name comes from the French phrase “Camp des Loupes” which stands for camp of wolves in a fur trading connotation. Historically, the area was overtaken by European explorers very early in the 19th century and continues to be inhabited to this day.

Anyone who finds themselves in need of foreign currency often will understand the value of a great exchange provider. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange we don’t want to be just a good provider, but the best. We want to show you firsthand, so we ask you to call 1-877-355-5239 and one of our representatives will take you through the process and give you a free quote (with no obligation). You can also apply online and get started in just minutes. We want nothing more than to provide everyone with easy and fair currency exchange rates.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.


  • Kamloops was the first city in British Columbia to be recognized as a bee habitat protector, or “Bee City’ in 2016
  • Even though the city of Kamloops only has around 100,000 residents, there were almost 2 million tourists in the area in just 2017 alone
  • There are roughly 100 lakes within a 1 hour driving distance from downtown Kamloops
  • Kamloops has the number one highest number of golf courses per capita in all of Canada
  • A 2006 episode of Battlestar Galactica was filmed in Kamloops, BC


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