Guaranteed to Beat Most Currency Exchange Rates in Kingston

Halfway between Canada’s capital city and its largest city is Kingston, ON, home to some of Canada’s oldest buildings.

If you live in Kingston and are looking for affordable exchange rates, look no further than KnightsbridgeFX. We're committed to safeguarding your well-deserved earnings and ensuring every penny reaches its destination. We pride ourselves on providing our Kingston clientele with the lowest rates in the business.

Ready to see how we can help you? Take a look below.

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How We Operate: Kingston Currency Exchange

KnightsbridgeFX has proudly exchanged over $2 billion so far. Money exchange can get complex, but we like to keep things simple.

If you want to join our circle of satisfied customers, follow these simple steps to set up your transaction:

Receive a No Obligation Quote

Grab Your Free Quote

The world of foreign exchange might seem overwhelming. Don't worry! We at KnightsbridgeFX offer a free, no-obligation quote so you can have a clear idea of what numbers to expect.

Feel free to call 1-877-355-5239 to chat with a Knightsbridge rep and get your quote. Remember, you are not obligated to proceed after getting your quote – we respect your choice!

Book the Transaction

Schedule Your Transaction

Happy with the rate? Fantastic! You can move forward to the booking stage by scheduling your transaction. Simply fill out the form on our website, verify your rate, and we'll email you a confirmation receipt.

It will run over the details of your transaction, providing complete transparency about all the costs associated with your transaction. Your money is just that – it’s yours. We will never process a single penny until your receipt is verified.

Complete Your Money Transfer

Finalize the Transfer

Upon reviewing and confirming your trade receipt details, you can finalize the transfer through an online payment or bank transfer.

Concerned about your bank's compatibility with our service? Don’t be! Every Canadian bank is registered with KnightsbridgeFX for your currency exchange in Kingston. Money exchange has never been easier!

Use our savings calculator to see how much you can save on your next transaction

Take advantage of the best exchange rates when buying US real estate, moving to another country, sending money to family, and paying foreign tuition.

Free same-day transfers, no hidden fees and professional service.

Our converter uses mid-market rates. The rate is subject to change.

Interbank Rate: 1 USD = 1 USD


Your savings when exchanging with KnightsbridgeFX instead of your bank.

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Your Funds, Our Protective Care

Your Funds, Our Protective Care

Financial services demand a partner you can put your full trust in. One who ensures every dollar is securely handled and transferred. 

We're supervised by FINTRAC, a federal watchdog dedicated to keeping scam artists at bay so that your money transfers occur without a hitch. What's more? To give you that extra peace of mind, we've got a $1,000,000 safety blanket set aside for additional protection of your funds. KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number M09819788.

At Knightsbridge, we run our operations true to our name. We guard your money so you can focus on everything else.

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Popular Places for Money Exchange in Kingston

Perhaps you are relatively new to exchanging money and aren’t sure about the range of options at your disposal in Kingston. 

Not to worry, here are several renowned places where you can conduct currency exchange:

Popular Places for Money Exchange in Kingston
  • YGK Kingston Airport

    YGK Kingston Airport

  • Currency exchange services offered by hotels

    Currency exchange services offered by hotels

  • Local currency exchange booths

    Local currency exchange booths

  • Foreign exchange services provided by banks

    Foreign exchange services provided by banks

  • Exchange brokers

    Exchange brokers

While all these services are reputable, not all of them provide the most cost-efficient solution. Each service is able to successfully manage your money transfers but you’ll likely end up with steep fees and a not-so-stellar rate.

The dedicated KnightsbridgeFX team is devoted to securing the most competitive rates for Canadian consumers. While most banks typically levy a currency conversion rate of 2-3%, we charge only half a percent on your transfers. You could save thousands of dollars in fees alone!

Whether you are managing overseas school fees or any other significant currency exchange, let us help you make your transfers easier. 

Stop overpaying with your bank on foreign exchange

We are built to beat bank exchange rates and save you money

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KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number M09819788. Like most financial institutions, we are required to validate the identity of all clients. We have strict measures in place to protect your privacy.


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KnightsbridgeFx is registered with FINTRAC, under the MSB registration number

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Why Kingston Clients Trust KnightsbridgeFX

Knightsbridge is pleased to support thousands of Canadians in converting their CAD into USD. Our services aren’t limited to great rates. Here are some other benefits of working with us:

  • Security

    Secure Transactions

    Fund security from the get-go. We ensure the safety of your funds during transfer, and for your added reassurance, we have an extra $1,000,000 safety cover to safeguard against losses.

  • Fast Delivery

    Quick Accessibility

    We respect your time. When you submit your request during banking hours, you can expect to access your funds on the same day. If that isn't possible, your funds will be available the following business day.

  • Transparency

    Transparent Process

    At KnightsbridgeFX, we take transparency seriously – we consider it a pledge to our clients. We’ll send you an email detailing your exchange rate and charges, and we will only proceed with the transaction after receiving your approval.

  • Convenience

    Easy-to-Use System

    Enjoy a smooth process. We've designed our registration process to be user-friendly and our operations to integrate seamlessly with banks all over Canada.

  • Exceptional Customer Service

    Exceptional Customer Service

    Our commitment to providing top-tier customer service sets us apart. Our team is quick, efficient and ready to help you with your needs.

Exchange smarter

Join the KnightsbridgeFX Family and Experience Excellence

KnightsbridgeFX has been making waves in the currency exchange game since 2009. We've happily served over 130,000 customers by helping them save big on foreign currency transactions.

In the world of banks, it's all about the bottom line. We're here to flip the script. Banks may ask for a 2-3% commission to exchange your currency, but our rates are 2.5% lower than your average bank. Our professionals are continually checking bank rates to make sure we’re still offering you the lowest rates in the industry.

Start with us today and do right by your wallet.

If you ...

  • Have plans to move to the United States
  • Own land or have US real estate investments
  • Run a business that trades regularly across the US border
  • Are paying international tuition fees
  • Travelling for an extended period of time

...Then Knightsbridge is the best method to exchange your Canadian and US currency.

Get the Best Rates in Kingston with Knightsbridge

Get the Best Rates in Kingston with Knightsbridge

Let us help you get the most out of every dollar. Whether you’re purchasing a beach house property in California or supporting your child’s education south of the border, KnightsbridgeFX has your back.

Ready for a currency exchange experience that puts your needs first? Remember, KnightsbridgeFX is the name to trust when it comes to currency exchange.

Want to learn more? Give us a ring:

Toll-Free: 1-(877)-355-5239
Toronto: (416)-479-0834
Ottawa: (613)-704-1798

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