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LINDSAY, ONTARIO: Currency Exchange

If your vacation is finally just around the corner, then you’ll need to get some cash to maximize the trip. For that, you’ll want to find the best provider of currency exchange in Lindsay. You could go to your local bank to exchange some currency, though you’d be missing out on the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay and the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay. In fact, there are other options out there for you to choose from. One of those options, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, gives you the perfect combination of speed, ease, convenience and the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay.

Where to Exchange Currency in Lindsay

You’ll find a plethora of providers of currency exchange in Lindsay, ranging from banks to independent brokers and currency exchange franchises. Each of these options has a unique set of positive and negative factors that you can use to determine what the best course of action is for you. Take the bank for example; you’ll get an easy and secure way to exchange your currency, but you’ll lose out on the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay or the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay. Conversely, an independent broker (and to a lesser degree the exchange franchises) generally give you better rates and possibly other deals but may not be as secure or convenient to use. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange prides itself on being the best of both worlds. Our exchange process is fast, simple and secure to use, and provides you with the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay. There’s no doubt you’re in the best hands for currency exchange in Lindsay with Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange.

Airport Near Lindsay Currency Exchange Services

Exchanging your currency at the airport is a definite option, as using an airport broker for currency exchange in Lindsay can be very convenient, but it’s important to note what you’re losing out on. Due to the incredibly high rent fees major airports like Toronto Pearson International Airport charge, getting the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay and the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay at the airport is nearly impossible.  They have to add an exorbitant markup to their rates, leaving most of their customers as last-minute exchangers or exchangers who have prioritized convenience over all other factors. Airport brokers have to rely heavily on these customers because they can’t offer the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay.


Hotel Currency Exchange Services

When you’re walking around the town, you may see some smaller exchange kiosks that can be used as a convenient provider of currency exchange in Lindsay. The convenience of these kiosks is why you’ll usually find them in typically populous areas like shopping centres, high-traffic tourist areas and hotels. What you’re unlikely to find at these locations is the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay or the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay. These are still physical retail locations, meaning they have added expenses add to the overhead, and thus add to their markups. You may be considering an independent broker for your exchange, and if you are it’d be wise to do a little research to make sure you can trust them. One of the first things to check is if they require I.D. If they do, it doesn’t totally mean they’re ok to use, but if they don’t then you know off the bat they’re breaking a government regulation and you should go elsewhere. The potential of the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay isn’t worth using a shady or illegal exchange provider.


Banks in Lindsay Currency Exchange Services

You may notice that the major Canadian banks are the most frequently used providers of currency exchange in Lindsay. It’s important not to automatically assume though that this makes them the only or best option for you. Remember, if you want the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay or the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay, you won’t get that at the bank. The banks use their standing as the most frequently used provider to their advantage, adding a huge markup of about 3% to their exchange rates. This makes a huge difference, and certainly isn’t getting you the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay.


Lindsay Currency Exchange Brokers

Exchange brokers are always interested in different ways they can offer deals to bring in more customers for currency exchange in Lindsay. A couple examples of deals they offer are lowered rates for higher exchanges and delayed or installed payments. If they can also get close to the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay or the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay, then it gives them a good chance to bring in more customers. Our goals at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange are to provide our customers with the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay. The way we’re able to do that is due to our overhead being low from our online-based business model.


How to Get the Best Currency Exchange Rates in Lindsay

How do we know we have the best USD exchange rates in Lindsay and the best foreign money exchange rates in Lindsay? Our customers save an average of 1-2% on each exchange over customers of other major providers of currency exchange in Lindsay. If you’re not convinced yet, we invite you to give us a call for an exchange rate, and then suggest getting a rate on the same currency from a bank or other major provider. That will show you we have the best currency exchange rates in Lindsay.

Life in Lindsay, Ontario

Lindsay, Ontario, a community built up of roughly 20,000 inhabitants, is the primary hub for business and commerce in the Kawartha Lakes region. Located about 40 km West of Peterborough, this little locale was established in 1831 and has roots dating back to the early European settlers. In fact, the world’s oldest hockey stick can be traced back to Lindsay from the early 1850s. As of the year 2001, Lindsay’s community merged with Victoria County to create what most people today call the City of Kawartha Lakes.

If you’re interested in using Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange for your currency exchanges, we invite you to give us a call at 1-877-355-5239 and we’ll provide a free, no-obligation quote. With that, we’ll walk you through our exchange process, and show you how convenient it is to use Knightsbridge FX. Or, you can take a few minutes to fill out our online application.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.



  • Hamilton Tiger-Cat offensive lineman Carl Coulter, who won the Grey Cup in the year 1999
  • Bronze sculptor Ruth Abernethy
  • Professional photographer who worked on Twilight projects, Joey Lawrence
  • Joe Primeau of the Toronto Maple Leafs (1930)

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