Where To Exchange Money In Montreal

When you are planning to exchange money in the Montreal area, you can use several different locations that might be best for you. You can use banks, transfer offices, and even an office at the airport. Continue reading to learn what you can do to ensure that you have the proper currency for your trip. Most people who want to exchange currency wait too long to get it done, and others only have so many options. Make sure you have exchanged your money for the proper rate in the right place.


When you land at the airport, you need to make sure that you have exchanged your currency before you catch your next flight or head home. You can exchange money in an office that uses standard exchange rates, and you can use any foreign currency that you want. Some people need to exchange their money at the airport because they are getting on a connecting flight.

Some people only have a chance to exchange their money when they get to the airport, and others want to exchange their money for Canadian currency before leaving the airport property.


The Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce is a place where you might have an account. If you are close to a CIBC branch, you can exchange your currency right away. You can begin the exchange process with a teller, and you will get the exchange rate offered by the bank at that time.

You can check their exchange rates online, or you can ask about the exchange rate when you get in the branch. You can ask for any currency you like, and you might ask for a combination of coins and bills than you need.


If you have an account with RBC, you can go into the branch to exchange your money right away. The Royal Bank of Canada allows you to exchange money in the branch, and you can check their exchange rate on the website. Plus, you should take a look at where the closest branch is to you. You may drive to the branch on your way home or the branch might be close to your hotel.

If you go into the branch, make sure that you have filled out the proper form and talked to the teller about exchange rates.


The Bank of Montreal will exchange money for you at any time, but you need to wait in line. When you meet with the teller, they will let you know what your options are. You might prefer to check the website before you get to the bank, or you might need to make a list of bills and coins that you need to get. When this is the case, you can go into the branch that is closest to your home or hotel.

If you have rented a car, you can drive tot he nearest branch to exchange your money so that you are not walking around Canada with foreign bills.


HSBC is a full-service bank that you can visit at any time, and you should go there is you already have an account. You can go to an HSBC branch if you feel you have no other option, and you should check their exchange rates online. The rates that you get change by the day, and you should check the rates on the day that you go to the bank. Do not expect exchange rates to stay the same from day to day.


ScotiaBank is another bank that you might visit when you need to exchange your cash. Make sure that you have taken the time to figure out where the closest branch is. Plus, you need to know their exchange rates so that you are sure of how much money you will get out of each transaction.


The money that you use overseas can be exchanged at any of the places listed above. You can check the exchange rates online, and you should make sure that you know precisely how much you are exchanging. You can even write down the types of bills and coins that you need when you chat with the teller at the bank or airport window.