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Currency Exchange Pickering

When you’re looking to make a large international purchase, the difference in your exchange rate can cost or save you thousands. Getting the best currency exchange rates in Pickering will make all the difference for you, keeping significant funds in your pocket. You can always use the bank for your currency exchange in Pickering, but the rate you get isn’t great. In fact, with their large markup you’re far away from the best USD exchange rates in Pickering or the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering. Fortunately, there are options out there for you to get the best rates possible, such as Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange.

Where to Exchange Currency in Pickering

Multiple vendors for currency exchange in Pickering exist, and there are different kinds of them out there including: banks, independent exchange brokers and currency exchange franchises. You’ll come to find each kind of vendor has their own personal pros and cons list, that a potential consumer can explore and use to decide the right one for them. Banks tend to be the easiest and safest vendor overall, but with incredibly high markups they lack the best currency exchange rates in Pickering. With independent brokers, you lose levels of safety and simplicity, but tend to get better rates instead. With an exchange franchise, you’ll usually find them closer to the middle of everything, being easiest and safer than independent brokers, and having lower rates than the bank. One particular currency exchange provider, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, actually provides the security, safety and simplicity you want, along with having the best USD exchange rates in Pickering and the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering.


Airport Near Pickering Currency Exchange Services

If you’re flying to another country for your large international purchase, you might be considering just waiting until you get to the airport to do your currency exchange in Pickering. With Toronto Pearson International Airport being the closest major airport to Pickering, and you having to go there anyway, it’s a convenient option when you need to change money. But, it’s important to be aware that you’re losing out on the best USD exchange rates in Pickering or the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering. Airports have a well-deserved reputation for their shops being very expensive, and it’s because they charge an incredible amount of rent to their vendors to operate within. As a result these companies have to add extreme markups to their rates to make up the difference, and for airport exchange brokers that leads to extremely high exchange rates. That’s why most customers of airport brokers are truly prioritizing convenience or are stuck and need to exchange at the last-minute. So, if your goal is to get the best currency exchange rates in Pickering, you’ll want to be sure to stay clear of the airport.


Hotel Currency Exchange Services

While you`re around, you may spot a kiosk you can use for currency exchange in Pickering. These kiosks can be useful and convenient, as they`re generally located in populous locations like shopping malls, popular tourist spots and hotels. As useful as may be, they still have the costs associated with being a physical location, even if they`re smaller. That means there`s generally enough of a markup that they won`t have the best currency exchange rates in Pickering. Now, if independent brokers are where you`re thinking of going, then be weary and make sure you do some research if you`ve never heard of them. One thing you can check easily is if they require I.D. because if they don`t that`s a government regulation you`re breaking. If they don`t think you can trust, or you know they`re breaking regulations, then even the best USD exchange rates in Pickering or the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering shouldn`t sway you to use them.


Banks in Pickering Currency Exchange Services

Most of the market share for currency exchange in Pickering belongs to the major Canadian banks, and it leads many to think that they’re the best option out there. It may be for some, but you’ll want to look elsewhere if you want the best currency exchange rates in Pickering. Banks know they don’t have to compete as it isn’t their main business model and they’re getting customers anyway. This means they can continue to add a large markup that makes them more money. This means at the bank you aren’t getting the best USD exchange rates in Pickering or the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering.


Pickering Currency Exchange Brokers

As independent brokers and exchange franchises look to carve out a larger percentage of the exchange market, they look to offer different ways to bring in customers for currency exchange in Pickering. One thing they often do, outside of trying to have the best currency exchange rates in Pickering, is to offer different and unique deals. Sometimes they may offer delayed or installed payment plans for their exchanges or lowering rates for exchanging large amounts of money. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange we focus first on having the best currency exchange rates in Pickering. That starts with our online-based business model, where we keep our overhead low as we don’t have to worry about the expenses that come with a physical location. This allows us to offer the best USD exchange rates in Pickering and the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering.


How to Get the Best Currency Exchange Rates in Pickering

Our customers at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange enjoy a savings of about 1-2% on average for their exchanges over other major providers of currency exchange in Pickering. That savings is what makes us confident in saying we have the best USD exchange rates in Pickering and the best foreign money exchange rates in Pickering. While that 1-2% of savings may not seem like a lot, it makes a huge difference the more you exchange. If you exchange $100,000, then 2% would save your $2,000. If you need to see it for yourself, then just call us and your bank (or another provider) for a rate on the same currency.


About Pickering

Pickering, Ontario has a population of about 90,000 people, ranking it as the 58th largest city in Canada (by population). Pickering is home to over 3000 businesses and is located just outside of Toronto. It was initially settled in the 1770s and a piece of it would go on to eventually become Ajax.

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