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SHERWOOD PARK: Currency Exchange (1-877-355-5239)

Are you a resident of Sherwood Park or Strathcona County and are finally ready to take that long awaited vacation with the family south of the border? If you do decide to visit our neighbor to the south, you’ll need to have some spending money ready. As you may already know, your Canadian dollars won’t take you very far once you cross the border. In order to get the most value for money when you buy US dollars, seek out the best USD exchange rates in Sherwood Park. One common misconception is that the bank offers the best deals on foreign exchange, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. The reality is that there are many independent smaller-scale opportunities that offer much more competitive pricing.

Banks never have to compete on their exchange rate because they rely on customer loyalty and trust. In other words, banks know a lot of consumers are going to choose them no matter what, so they reasonably get away with increasing their rate mark-ups. A rate mark-up is the difference between what you’re offered at an exchange, and what you would see if you saw “US dollar price” on the news. Banks are known to inflate their rates above the spot price by a margin of around 2.5%. Fortunately for you, there are other providers of currency exchange in Sherwood Park that offer lower rates, such as Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. Whether you want to obtain US dollars or acquire the best foreign money exchange rates in Sherwood Park, our goal is to happily answer any of your currency exchange inquiries and help you save money on exchange.

Areas with Quick Currency Exchange in Sherwood Park

When it comes to picking up different international currencies in Sherwood Park, there are several types of approaches one can take. Independent brokers, banks, and large retail exchange franchises are all available for customers to choose from. Each category has their own particular set of pros and cons, and it’s up to you to decide which one best suits your foreign exchange requirements. If your ultimate goal is to get the best USD exchange rates in Sherwood Park or the most favourable currency exchange when buying US dollars, then Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange is a great decision. Not everyone is comfortable using online independent brokers because they are a fairly new concept, but at KnightsbridgeFX we make the money transfer process simple and efficient.


Edmonton International Airport: Foreign Exchange Booths

If your goal is to find the best currency exchange rates in Sherwood Park, then you should strongly avoid exchanging Canadian dollars at the airport exchange booths. If you find yourself in Strathcona County or Sherwood Park, the nearest international airport is Edmonton International Airport. Since it’s roughly 40 kilometers away, you may be tempted to save your currency conversions for arrival. It’s important to realize that at the airport, the cost to lease space is much higher than a roadside establishment in downtown Sherwood Park, which means it’s harder to make a profit. To recover the added expenses, airport exchange booths rely on inflated exchange rates or flat service charges just for using them. Those businesses typically rely on last-minute customers that find themselves without alternatives, and can get away with charging exorbitant FX rates.


Currency Exchange at Hotels, Malls, and Attractions in Sherwood Park

You can often find providers of currency exchange in Sherwood Park by going to public places like shopping malls, tourist attractions, and hotels. Areas in the city with high foot traffic are more likely to have currency conversion opportunities around. But since you will run into physical storefronts, these businesses still have conventional brick and mortar expenses to make up for. In other words, they still can’t get you the most favourable rates in town, because they need to recover the costs for building maintenance, rent, and staffing. In addition, public exchange kiosks tend to deal mostly with cash in-hand. Note that whenever you’re exchanging money in physical currency you pay an additional premium, which is usually embedded in the exchange rate. An electronic dollar conversion is cheaper than a physical one because there are no costs associated with holding coin inventory for the business.


Traditional Bank Currency Exchange Within Sherwood Park

Although banks seem to have a firm grip on the currency exchange market share in Sherwood Park, they definitely do not offer the lowest FX rates. The truth is that the average bank exchange user doesn’t know that the exchange rate they’re receiving from the bank are not the ones they see advertised on the news, but rather a heavily marked-up rate. On top of that, you can also expect to pay a flat charge for the service at some Canadian banks. When banks mark-up their exchange rates by 2.5% or more you could potentially be losing hundreds of dollars on sizeable conversions. Thankfully there is an easy way to get the best foreign money exchange rates in Sherwood Park, and that would be through Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange.


Choosing Online Foreign Exchange Companies from Sherwood Park

Whether they’re an independent broker or an exchange franchise, smaller scale foreign exchanges will find creative ways to get customers through the door in Strathcona County. At Knightsbridge FX, we’re able to offer the best currency conversion deals in Sherwood Park by keeping our overhead low through an online based business model. The simple explanation is we keep our rates low because we don’t have the expenses of physical locations or cash to deal with and are able to pass those savings on to you. All of our currency conversion transactions are performed digitally in an effort to save you money. By trading away the ability to receive cash in hand, we can wire money directly into your bank account – and it’s significantly more affordable!


How to Get Sherwood Park’s Most Competitive Exchange Rates

Clients who have trusted KnightsbridgeFX save, on average, 1-2% on their currency exchange rates compared to the leading banks and independent brokers in Canada. If you’re exchanging $100,000, then a 2% savings leads to $2,000 put back in your pocket. All you have to do to save that is switch from your current provider to an easier and more convenient way to exchange your dollars. At KnightsbridgeFX, we want you to witness our advantages first hand. Call your bank and get a rate on any currency, and then give us a call right after. We’re certain that we’ll have the best currency exchange rates in Sherwood Park, no matter the type of currency you inquire about. Compare rates with us today!

A Short History of Sherwood Park, Alberta

Despite having a population of over 70,000 residents, Sherwood Park is actually still recognized as a hamlet/urban settlement. With that population, the area could easily fit into the list for Alberta’s top 10 largest cities. Sherwood Park is located not too far outside of Edmonton and is a leader in North America’s petroleum industry. The large-scale hamlet was founded around the year 1955 by John Hook Campbell and John Mitchell, who initially wanted to label the area as “Campbelltown.” However, due to complications stemming from other Canadian communities who have taken that name, Canada Post suggested they change it. In the end, the two founders settled on Sherwood Park.

If you consider yourself to be a regular traveler, then you understand the importance of reliable currency exchange services. That’s why Knightsbridge FX has been designed to offer the greatest rates for your dollar conversion needs. You get to choose where you pick up your money and everything else can be performed either online or over the phone. We invite you to give us a call at 1-877-355-5239 for a no-obligation quote today. Our customer support representatives will walk you through our process and show you just how easy it is. Alternatively, you can go online to apply quickly and be ready to exchange currency in minutes. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange strives to be your number one source for exchanging currency in Alberta!

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.




  • Sherwood Park’s art gallery Picture This! Has represented over 35 years of local artistry
  • Festival Place in Sherwood Park features over 100 artistic performances every year
  • Sherwood Park has its own biosphere called Beaver Hills, making it an ideal spot for recreational fishing, camping and hiking
  • Sam Steel and Nick Holden, both hockey players for the Anaheim Ducks, were raised in Sherwood Park
  • World class ice curler Randy Ferbey was raised in Sherwood Park

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