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Currency Exchange St. Albert

Working hard and ready to take a well-earned vacation? Do you want to take a trip to U.S. or maybe head overseas to Europe or Asia? Well, to make the most of that trip, you’re going to need some cash. For that, you’ll want to find the best currency exchange rate in St. Albert. It’s easy to think the only way to exchange your currency is at the bank. But, that’s simply not the case. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we provide an alternate option to find the best foreign money exchange rates in St. Albert or the best USD exchange rates in St. Albert. Wherever you want to go, we’ve got the currency for you, and a fair rate to exchange it for. We’ve kept our overhead low, so we can keep your rates lower. Surely, when it comes to currency exchange in St. Albert, you’ll want to choose Knightsbridge FX.

If there’s one thing the banks know when it comes to customers looking to exchange currency, it’s this: the bank is their number one option. Many people are comfortable with it and won’t even look past it to the next options. As a result, they know they can hike up the rates and rake in the money. That’s where independent providers, like us at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, come into play. We don’t just want to make money, we want to give you the absolute best currency exchange rate in St. Albert, and we feel confident we’ve done just that. Why would you continue to pay sky high bank rates when you can use Knightsbridge FX for fair and reasonable rates.

Where to Exchange Currency in St. Albert

Currency exchange in St. Albert has a variety of choices for you. Independent exchange brokers, currency exchange franchises and banks make up the range of those choices with different services and hooks to bring you in. Some people aren’t confident going with smaller, independent companies as they don’t have as much history or reputation as a bank or a large franchise. But, in dealing with these larger companies and banks, you can typically expect to spend more money. As they have the majority of the market share, they are able to have higher rates knowing customers will continue to come in and use them. The sweet spot between trust, reputation fair prices is Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. We use our low overhead to provide you with the best USD exchange rates in St. Albert and the best foreign money exchange rate in St. Albert.


Airport Near St. Albert Currency Exchange Services

Within the Edmonton Metropolitan Region, the closest international airport is the Edmonton International Airport. You’ll always be able to find currency exchange locations within the airport, but they aren’t the place to go to get the best USD exchange rates in St. Albert or the best foreign money exchange rates in St. Albert. Rent is expensive in the airport and the last-minute nature of forgetting to get some cash before your flight leads to many people paying crazy high exchange rates at the airport. Make sure you get your cash well before your trip to make sure you can get the best currency exchange rate in St. Albert.


St. Albert Hotel Currency Exchange Services

Public places like shopping areas, regular tourist spots and even hotels can house currency exchange kiosks. With retail locations come extra expenses, and that usually reflects in their exchange rate. An important note when using an exchange kiosk (or any other independent provider) is to be aware if they’re following the rules and regulations made by the Canadian government. If they don’t ask to verify your identity via identification documents, then you know they’re breaking regulations and aren’t to be trusted.


Banks in St. Albert Currency Exchange Services

Banks own the most market share when it comes to currency exchange in St. Albert, but not because they’re the cheapest. The easy thought for some is that the exchange rate you see on the internet or finance shows is the rate you’d get at the bank, when that isn’t the case. Rather, banks markup their rates by up to 3% to turn a profit, especially on those who need to exchange large amounts of money.


St. Albert Currency Exchange Brokers

Independent exchange brokers and franchised companies that focus on exchange rates have a plethora of factors that go into determining their exchange rates. Some will offer higher rates, with attractive side options like delayed payments to bring in customers. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we use online and phone-based business model to keep a low overhead, so we can focus on giving you the best USD exchange rates in St. Albert and the best foreign money exchange rates in St. Albert.


How to Get the Best Currency Exchange Rate in St. Albert

Do you want to save 1-2% on your currency exchange rate over the leading banks and exchange providers? Do you want to get the best currency exchange rate in St. Albert? These are the benefits Knightsbridge FX customers enjoy over customers of the leading banks and currency exchange franchises. See for yourself! Call around for some exchange rates and then give us call; we’re certain we’ll have the best currency exchange rate in St. Albert.


About St. Albert

St. Albert is a city northwest of Edmonton. Originally a Metis community, it has grown into the second biggest city in the Edmonton Metropolitan Region. Founded in 1861, St. Albert is the older non-fortified community in Alberta and the sixth largest city in the province.

If you’re new to exchanging currency, or are exchanging on the regular, give us a call at 1-877-355-5239 to get a no obligation quote. We’ll take through our simple procedure and show you how to get the best currency exchange rate in St. Albert. You can also apply online and get through the application quickly and be ready to get your money fast. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange makes currency exchange in St. Albert fast and easy.

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.

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