Where To Exchange Money In Toronto

When you have traveled to Toronto or live in Toronto, you need to know where you can exchange money that you have brought home or that is in your wallet. Exchanging money is an important part of traveling, and you need to work with banks or institutions that can provide you with the best service. Each of the options below will make your money exchange simpler, and you can check exchange rates before you get there.


When you go to the airport, there are typically bank branches or exchange offices that will help you get the right currency. These offices allow you to check the current exchange rate for each currency, and they will help you exchange the exact amount of money that you need. Plus, you can get an envelope that helps you carry this cash through the airport.

You might even go to the exchange office as soon as you land because you need to pick up Canadian bills before you leave the airport. This service makes it easier for you to get the cash you need instead of driving around town in your final destination.

CIBC—Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce

When you go to CIBC, you can walk into a branch, get in line, and ask the teller to exchange your money. You must remember that every bank likely has its own exchange rates. You can check the bank’s exchange rate online before you get there, and you will know if you are getting the best deal.

Plus, going into this bank means that you can ask for the specific bills that will make it easier for you to get the money you need. Some people need to exchange cash back to Canadian bills, and you can ask for all the currency you need. Plus, a big bank branch will have several currency options when you need to pick up foreign currency.

RBC-The Royal Bank Of Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada also offers customer service in each of its bank branches. You can come into the bank at any time even if you do not have an account, and they will give you the money you need. You fill out a form that states how much money you exchanged, and they will show the exchange rate that they are offering.

Again, banks like the RBC show their exchange rates online so that you know how much value you will get. If you are comparing exchange rates beforehand, it is much easier to pick up the exact amount of money that you need. In most cases, shopping around will help you save money.

BMO-Bank Of Montreal

The Bank of Montreal is another institution that has branches in the area. You can go into their bank branch at any time, and you can ask a teller to exchange money for you. The tellers will share their exchange rate with you, and they will let you know what your best options are. If you need to get a specific type of bill or coin, you should ask for those options when you are in the bank.

Some people might already have an account with BMO, and you can go to their branches because it is a quick and easy process. Plus, you should try the BMO if it is close to your hotel or your destination during the trip.


HSBC offers currency exchange at their own rates, and they will tell you the specific rate when you meet with the teller. Make sure that you have filled out their forms, or come to this bank because you already have an account with them.

Again, this company might be a good choice for you if they are close to your final destination.


Finally, Scotiabank offers exchange services in their local branches. You can bring foreign currency in for exchange, or you can transform Canadian currency into a foreign currency. Make sure that you have asked the teller how much money you can exchange before starting the process.


Exchanging money in Toronto is very simple, and you need to make sure that you have found the simplest and most convenient place to exchange your money before or after a trip.