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VERNON: Currency Exchange (1-877-355-5239)

If you live near Vernon or anywhere in the Okanagan region and want to take a vacation, then you’ll want to find Vernon’s most competitive exchange rate offerings. No matter where you travel to outside of the country, you will be required to convert your Canadian dollars to international currency. Unfortunately, Canadian dollars aren’t accepted as legal tender in other parts of the world (unless you’re staying close to the CAN-US border).Before embarking on the trip, you’ll want to get cash right away and have it either in your wallet or bank account. International money can be obtained at the banks or through a variety of other independent brokers and exchange franchises in Vernon. The process of converting one currency to another is formally known as foreign exchange. One option to use for the cheapest currency conversions in Vernon would be Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. We strive to offer the best foreign money exchange rates in Vernon and that means the best rates on USD too – anyone can benefit from our simple to use and affordable exchange platform. Our goal is be the number option for currency exchange in Vernon by combining quality customer service, low prices, and timely delivery of funds.

Where to Find Foreign Exchange in Vernon, BC

For customers seeking a reliable source of currency exchange in Vernon, there are plenty of options located within city limits. Each option will likely fall under one of three main categories: banks, independent brokers and currency exchange franchises. As soon as you do a bit of research, you’ll notice that each provider around town comes with their own unique mix of pros and cons for potential customers to choose from. If you want to optimize your foreign exchange in Vernon, you need to able to match your desired objectives, needs and comfort level with the most suitable choice. If you are more interested in saving money than getting fast cash delivery, you should look at foreign exchange services that offer low rates. Banks will certainly give you a reliable exchange every time with a high degree of security, but their rates are not very competitive. If you want a currency exchange service in Vernon that combines the safety of a conventional bank with the cost-efficiency of an independent brokerage, you’ll want to go with KnightsbridgeFX.


Kelowna International Airport Exchange Close to Vernon

From Vernon, the nearest major international airport is Kelowna International Airport and that may be where you have decided to exchange your Canadian dollars. The airport is about a half hour drive from Vernon, so rationally you will be tempted to just convert currencies upon arrival. Although this is a reasonable objective, because you’re going to the airport anyways, you should avoid this method if you can help it. You may believe that it’s a good idea – in terms of convenience it certainly is – but it will come at a price. The Kelowna International Airport, along with any other major airport that charters commercial flights, have some of the worst foreign exchange prices. Airports charge rent fees to currency exchange companies that are a lot higher than most retail locations, and that forces the airport exchange providers to find creative ways to make that money back. The main way they accomplish this is by marking up their exchange rates, which increases their revenue substantially. They know there will still be some customers that come to them, despite not having the best currency exchange rates in Vernon, because these individuals often forget to get the currency beforehand at a better rate.


Finding a Currency Exchange Kiosk around Vernon

If you’re taking a stroll down the streets, looking for opportunities to exchange currencies in Vernon, you may find a few currency kiosks in busy areas. Typically you can run into currency exchange kiosk in places with lots of people like shopping malls, popular tourist areas, and hotels. These kiosks generally won’t have the best foreign money exchange rates in Vernon or because they are still classified as physical locations. In other words, these storefront businesses still have costs that increase their overhead expenses. To recover costs like building maintenance, rent, and staffing, they usually influence their exchange rate in a negative way (for the customer) or tag on hefty service charges. Oftentimes when you’re exchanging Canadian dollars in Vernon with a company that you’re unfamiliar with, they can surprise you with a flat fee just for using their service. In all fairness, banks will sometimes do this too depending on the transfer method. In addition, keep in mind that currency exchange kiosks are used primarily to obtain cash – and cash comes at a premium. To minimize the dents in your wallet, you should always try to exchange your currency electronically for the best FX rates in Vernon.


Currency Conversion at Vernon Traditional Banks

For traditional currency exchange in Vernon, the most frequently used providers are banks. Some may think this makes them the ideal option, but it really depends on what you are searching for. If you just want to go with the most familiar option, the bank is a fine route, but if you want the best foreign money exchange rates in Vernon then you may want to look outside the “big five” banks in Canada. They generally mark up their rates by a margin of around 3% because they know most customers will walk in through the door regardless. Since banks rely on customer loyalty for their currency exchange service, they don’t need to be competitive on the price. In other words, you won’t be able to find Vernon’s most competitive foreign exchange rates at any bank or credit union within the Okanagan region.


Online Currency Exchange Brokers in Vernon

Since a huge portion of the consumer base for currency exchange in Vernon belongs to the banks, independent foreign exchange providers offer numerous deals to try and grow market share. Some of these most popular methods are to offer lower rates as you exchange higher amounts, allow payment delays or payment through periodic installments, or promises of extremely fast delivery. At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we understand the key driving factor that motivates people to exchange currency – the price. Since we specialize in currency conversion, we know that the most important competitive aspect is the cost of conversions. KnightsbridgeFX delivers the most favourable FX rates in Vernon with zero hidden fees or service charges. How do we accomplish this? We don’t have any physical storefronts that you could walk or drive to, and that allows us to offer you the most competitive foreign exchange rates in Vernon.


What’s the Best Way to Exchange Money in Vernon?

We have so much confidence in saying we have the best USD exchange rates in Vernon or the best foreign money exchange rates in Vernon because we’ve seen that our customers save approximately 1-2% compared to the customers of the leading Canadian banks and exchange brokers. Imagine you have to exchange $100,000 – you’ve saved $2000 just by switching providers! All you’d have to do is come to the easiest and most efficient method for currency exchange in Vernon, which is Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. If you still aren’t confident that we have the best currency exchange rates in Vernon, just call us and your bank for a rate on the same currency and witness the improvements firsthand.

Discovering Vernon, British Columbia

Vernon is a city of approximately 40,000 residents situated in the Okanagan region of British Columbia. It’s named after Forbes George Vernon, who was part of British Columbia’s Legislative Assembly, and who helped establish the Coldstream Ranch. Vernon was ranked as one of the top 6 cities to retire to in North America in a 2005 episode of “The Early Show”. Residents of Vernon, also locally referred to as “Vernonites” enjoy a calm and relaxed lifestyle in this relatively small municipality.

Regular travelers love few things more than a reliable exchange provider, and that’s what you get at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange. Call us at 1-877-355-5239 to let us walk you through our simple process and offer you a free, no-obligation quote or apply online to see why Knightsbridge FX is the exchange provider for you!

To find other cities serviced by Knightsbridge please visit the Currency Exchange in Canada page.




  • The Winter Carnival in Vernon is the largest of its kind in Western Canada, bringing many tourists into Vernon year round
  • One major highlight of Vernon is the Creative Chaos fair, where artists come from all over Western Canada to sell unique artistic and cultural products
  • Motoplex Speedway in Vernon is a great place to visit for racing fans, and it even hosts NASCAR Canadian Tire Series events
  • Canadian snowboarder who played in the 2018 Winter Olympics, Kevil Hill, resides in Vernon
  • Canadian singer and songwriter Daniel Powter was born in Vernon, BC

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