Where To Exchange Money In Vancouver

Where You Should Exchange Your Canadian Or Foreign Currency In Vancouver

When you live in Canada or travel to Canada, you must understand how to exchange or convert your foreign currency. You might carry a lot of this currency every day because you deal with foreign merchants, or you might have planned trips abroad. Plus, you might return to Canada with foreign currency from your latest trip. Use the tips below to convert your currency properly. Sometimes you do not have much time to get this done, and you can use each of these locations to quickly manage your currency.


You can go to any CIBC branch when you land in Canada. You might want to go to the bank right before you go to the airport. You could go to the bank right before you get home, and you can visit the bank whether you have an account or not. If you do not know the exchange rate, you can check the CIBC website.


The Bank of Montreal is a large bank that has branches all over Canada. You can go to the Bank of Montreal because you already have an account with them, or you might go there because the bank has good exchange rates. If you have an account, you can deposit money into your account, (more…)