Overseas Tuition Payment

Currency Exchange for International Student Tuition

At Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we have a dedicated team that focuses on helping students save money on their international tuition. We can directly send tuition payments on your behalf, while providing exchange rates that are significantly better than your bank.

If you are leaving Canada to study abroad in the United States, you will most likely have to pay international student tuition. This means you will need to convert your Canadian dollars in to US dollars in order to make the payment. With overseas tuition payments already being incredibly high, you will want to ensure you are receiving the best possible exchange rate.

Banks will typically charge a markup of about 2.5% while also charging additional international wiring fees. At Knightsbridge Foreign exchange we do things differently. Simply call us and indicate you need to pay your US tuition. After providing us with the details on where to send the money, we will directly make the payment on your behalf (free of charge). We will then send you a receipt for your records, while ensuring that the payment is received within one business day. We will also include your student number on the wire transfer so the school can easily identify the sender of the payment.

If you are studying abroad for a few years, the savings will add up very quickly. This means more extra spending money in your pocket, helping you ensure your school debt is reduced as much as possible.

When looking to pay global tuition, give us a call and we will make you never pay more than you have to.

  • No Hidden Fees
  • Great Exchange Rates
  • Dedicated Account Executive
  • Same Day Payment


“I saved a huge amount…about $3,000 over the bank quoted for U.S. dollars…everything went as smooth as a dream”
– KnightsbridgeFX client buying over $200,000 US dollars with us interviewed in a Toronto Star article
theglobe “KnightsbridgeFX is an online currency exchange company that seeks to undercut foreign exchange rates offered by larger financial institutions”
– Columnist for the Globe and Mail
PROFIT-H50_2013_LORES Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange was recognized by PROFIT 500 among Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies
PROFIT-H50_2013_LORES Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange was recognized by PROFIT HOT 50 among Canada’s Top New Growth Companies


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