Where To Exchange Money In Toronto

When you want to exchange money in Toronto, you should consider the options you have inside and outside the airport. You may have Canadian currency that you are converting before you travel, or you might need to convert foreign currency back to Canadian currency. Use the few options below to convert your currency before you travel.

Airport Exchange Windows

The airport exchange window is a good place to get your currency exchanged. You can approach the window to see the exchange rates for Canadian currency and worldwide currencies. You can ask the teller at the window to give you the bills or coins you want, and you can quickly pocket your cash before getting on the plane.

You can do the same thing if you have just gotten off the plane and need a Canadian dollar or two.


The Royal Bank of Canada is a good place to exchange currency because you can walk into any branch. You should check the exchange rates for the bank before you go into the branch, and you must ask the teller if they have access to the currency you need. You may need to visit another branch that has the currency you need, or you might need to wait for the branch to receive the bills you require.


Check the Scotiabank website for their exchange rates so that you know what you will get. Ask the Scotiabank staff for the specific bills or coins you need. You may need to make an appointment with a bank manager when you come to the bank, or you can go into the bank before you head to the airport.

Scotiabank has several locations around Toronto, and you can visit them as you travel through the city. Plus, there are Scotiabank locations in the heart of the city because they sponsor Scotiabank Arena where the Toronto Raptors play.


CIBC is a large bank that has branches all over Canada. You might want to go to the branch near your hotel or home when you are on the way to the airport. You can go into the branch to exchange currency, or you might want to go through the drive-thru as you visit the bank.

If you have an account at CIBC, you can quickly exchange your money. If you are not a customer, you may want to ask for a manager when you enter the bank.

Bank Of Montreal

BMO is a large bank that has banks all over Canada. This is a good place to visit when you need to exchange currency just before visiting the airport. You can go to the BMO branch when you need specific currencies. It is easy for you to exchange your money, and you can turn your foreign currency into CAD or USD depending on where you will travel. Account-holders can get the job done quickly, and you could even deposit this money into your account.


KnightsBridgeFX is an exchange company that will quickly help you with all your currency exchanges. You can contact the company for the current exchange rates, or you can go into the local office for assistance. You can schedule a time to meet with a manager who will process your exchange, and you can bring any foreign currency that you want.

This is one of the best places to visit when you have a lot of strange foreign currencies. Several people must visit this location because they travel to remote locations. You can work with a company that helps you get the best possible exchange rate, and you can check the rates on the day that you complete your travel.


The exchange rates that you get from a bank or exchange house are always changing. You have to get to the airport to travel around the world, or you do not want to carry foreign coins in your pocket. You should check the bank or office that gives you the right rates. You can get all your money back after a long trip, or you could exchange some cash before you get on the plane. Some people need to exchange their money at the airport because they are getting on a connecting flight, and they will find the exchange rates posted when they land.