Canadian Dollar Forecast Next Week

The USD to CAD forecast for next week is difficult to predict as there are not many forecasts for next week.  We do have forecasts for several quarters from now based on publicly available information.

Bank Canadian Dollar Currency Forecast 2024 US dollar and Canadian dollar Forecast Q3/2024 2024 US dollar and Canadian dollar Forecast Q4/2024
Scotia Bank Forecast 1.36 1.33
BMO Bank Forecast 1.35 1.34
CIBC Bank Forecast 1.38 1.38
TD Bank Forecast 1.41 1.42
National Bank Forecast 1.40 1.42

Forecast Table is for mid-market rates, and subject to change anytime.

Please check with each bank to ensure the forecast is up to date and correct. Please note, forecasts and predictions may not come true! For a more in-depth look at some of the factors behind the forecast, please read our monthly outlook. If you’re looking for the Canadian dollar forecast for tomorrow, next week, or next month, visit our blog or refer to the table above. If you are buying or selling US dollars, learn how to save money on currency exchange instead of paying your bank’s high fees. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange provides better exchange rates than the banks for Canadians looking to buy or sell US dollars. Get a no-obligation comparison quote at 1-877-355-5239. Save up to 2% on currency exchange.