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Services & account operations

Over 130,000 individuals and businesses have decided to get more for their money by converting and transferring their funds with us.

We learned a lot from their experience and we’re ready to help you save on your next exchange.

Services and account operations

How do I sign up for an account?

How do I open an account?

Opening a personal account:

You can easily open a free account by clicking here or navigating to the Get Started page from the top menu. Fill in the form with your personal information and upload your validation documents as required in the next step.

Opening a business account:

To open a business account you will have to fill in the "Corporate Form" and send it to us at [email protected].
The form is also available for download at the bottom of the Open an account page.
Opening a corporate account is free of charge.

How soon after opening an account can I exchange money?

After you fill in the registration form, you will be required to upload an ID and a bank statement so we can verify your identity.

It usually takes less than 1 business day for us to activate your account, and you can start exchanging currency right away. 

Here are the documents you will need to provide:

  • a high-quality photo or scan of a valid piece of identification (such as a driver's license or passport)
  • a bank statement or screenshot of your online banking profile that displays your name and the account number for at least one deposit account in Canada.

If we require additional information from you, we will contact you by email. If you fail to receive an email reply from us within one business day, kindly check your spam inbox.

You can also request a rush opening by emailing [email protected] and we can try to do it in a few minutes for you.

Once your account has been activated, we will send you an email with your KnightsbridgeFX account number. Once you have your account number, you can book an exchange by calling our trading floor at 1-877-355-5239, requesting a callback, emailing us at [email protected] or using the chat on the website.

How do I upload my verification documents?

Upon filling out the registration form, you will be taken to this page where you can directly upload your documents.
You can also email the documents to us at [email protected], send them via WhatsApp at 1-877-355-5239 or fax them at the same number.

Do I need to physically sign any documents and send them back to you?

All operations are managed online. There is no need for you to print and sign anything.
Just upload your documents for verification and we’ll keep you posted via email.

What if I don’t have the necessary documents for activation?

Please contact us at 1-877-355-5239 and we’ll assist you with an alternative option.

I can’t find a bank statement that shows the account information without showing the balances. What do I do?

You can take a screenshot of the bank statement and crop the balances out, or you can take a photo of your bank statement and cover the balances with your hand or a piece of paper.

You may send a Canadian chequing or savings account bank statement, e-statement, or online banking personal profile section (screenshot). You may also send a void cheque.

My documents weren’t accepted, what can I do?

Please contact us at 1-877-355-5239 and ask for the application team and we’ll assist you.

Can I register a joint account with KnightsbridgeFX?

You can’t open a joint account, but you can open a personal account and then have additional people added to your account. We would require a valid government-issued photo ID, Canadian bank statement in both names and occupations of the additional person we are adding.

Please contact us at [email protected] for further assistance.

Am I compelled to use KnightsbridgeFX after I register?

No. There is no obligation to use Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange after you register. You can keep your account open until you need it.

I opened a new account but realized I already have one. What do I do?

Please contact us at 1-877-355-5239 and we’ll assist you.

I don’t have a cellphone number. What can I do?

Please provide a phone number where we can best reach you.

How do I know that my account has been activated?

You should have received an account opening email from [email protected]. Please search your inbox first to see if you have been registered. You can email us at [email protected] and we can check for you.

I am already a customer & I need more information

How can I update the information on my profile?

You can email us at [email protected] with your request.

How do I change my account from personal to business or vice-versa?

You can email us at [email protected] with your request and our application team will guide you on the next step.

Can I get a summary of my transactions with you?

To get a transaction summary, call us at 1-877-355-5239 or email us at [email protected] with your request.

How do I see my previous transactions?

At this point, you aren’t able to see your previous transactions on the platform, but you can contact us and request a transaction summary. Please call us at 1-877-355-5239 or email us at [email protected] with your request.

Other clients found it useful to check their inboxes for trading confirmations. These are emails that we send out whenever you make a trade, so you could potentially review past transactions based on these emails, assuming you didn’t delete them.

What if I forgot my account number?

Please contact us at 1-877-355-5239 and we’ll assist you.

I haven’t used my account in a very long time. Would it still be open?

Yes. Accounts remain opened indefinitely, so you can use it whenever you need to.
Please contact us at 1-877-355-5239 and we’ll assist you.

What makes KnightsbridgeFX different from banks?

What makes KnightsbridgeFX different from banks

What makes KnightsbridgeFX different
from banks?

We are a people-first company. We don’t like talking to robots and don’t think you like it either. So we have a dedicated support team that is 100% human and ready to assist you. No more talking to Sally, Pepper, Peppa, or random chatbots – We are here for you.

What makes KnightsbridgeFX different from banks

When it comes to banks, they have a lot of employees and a lot of brick-and-mortar spaces so they can’t focus on being efficient or keeping their costs under control. And this inefficiency means more expenses that they have to cover on a daily basis, using their clients’ money coming from fees and margins.