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Transfering money with

Sending money to your friends and family may come with a lot of hidden bank fees that you’re unaware of.

Now you can exchange your currency and transfer the converted money, all in one go. Not only do we offer you the best rates in Canada, but there’s also no transfer fee on our side and we can act as payee for a number of institutions and pay on your behalf.

Transfering money with KnightsbridgeFX

How do I make a payment or money transfer with KnightsbridgeFX?

Can you help me send money to a corporation in the US?

Yes. We can send US dollars to a corporation on your behalf after a forex exchange is booked with them. They can process the wire transfer in USD to the recipient's bank account, as long as the necessary information is provided and the exchange has been completed.
Please note that the recipient's bank may charge a fee for receiving the wire transfer.

Can you transfer money to my school?

Yes. We can assist you with paying your tuition by submitting the payment on your behalf. You would need to provide the banking information from your school along with any reference or student numbers required, and we can take care of the rest.

As a provider of foreign exchange services, we have experience with sending payments to many schools and can provide you with templates to ensure the process is efficient and accurate.

Can you help me transfer money from the USA to Canada?

If you want to transfer funds from the US to Canada, the only option is through wire transfer. However, you can also transfer funds from your US account to your Canadian USD account and then we can debit the funds via EFT. Keep in mind that EFTs may take longer to process than wire transfers.

Can you inform me if my funds reached the beneficiary’s account?

We are able to inform you whether the funds have been sent to their bank.
You will need to contact the beneficiary directly to confirm receipt in their account as their bank will only confirm those details with them directly.

Can you manage my foreign currency payables and receivables?

Yes. we can send and receive foreign currency payments, including multiple payments.
Customers often outsource their payment processes to us. To do so, simply provide us with the payment details of your payees and we will take care of the rest for you.

Can you send money to specific vendors?

Yes. We can send funds via wire transfers to your vendors.
There are some restrictions by country and high-risk industries.

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Can you help me make an urgent transfer?

Yes. If you need to make a same-day transaction please contact us we can assist you

Can you transfer funds directly to my brokerage account?

Yes. If your brokerage allows you to fund your account via wire transfer from a third party, we will be able to fund your account directly.

Before you book your exchange, confirm whether your brokerage will be able to accept a transfer in this method to fund your account.

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Can you help me transfer money internationally?

Yes. We can send funds internationally in CAD, USD, GBP, EUR, AUD, and NZD.
The countries we can service depend on the currency you are looking to purchase and transfer. Our team can advise on which countries are available for your currency exchange needs.

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