Royal Bank of Canada FAQ

What Is RBC Bank?

RBC Bank is a U.S.-based retail banking division of the Royal Bank of Canada. Its services are geared toward Canadians who find themselves living or visiting the United States for work, retirement or as frequent vacationers. It offers the following cross-border services:

RBC Bank also offers online and mobile banking services, which provides the following:

The bank further offers a no-fee home equity line of credit to its customers.

RBC Bank should not be confused with RBC Bank USA, which was a U.S.-based retail banking division of the Royal Bank of Canada that offered services to American residents living in a half-dozen Southeastern states. PNC Financial Services acquired RBC Bank USA in 2012.

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) itself is Canada’s largest bank by market value. The company was ranked number 50 in the Forbes Global 2000 back in 2013, and it operates in 40 countries outside of Canada. It further has 16 million customers and has around 80,000 employees. The bank currently has more 1,200 branches and manages US$673.2 billion of assets.

What Is an RBC Bank Client Identification Number?

An RBC Bank Client Identification Number is an ID RBC Bank assigns to its customers upon opening an account. It is different from your bank account number in that you can have multiple accounts (and account numbers), but you only have one Client Identification Number. You will need this number (along with your account number(s)) in order to sign up for online banking and telephone banking. If for some reason you have lost this number, you can request it by calling RBC Bank at 1-800-769-2553.

Who Owns RBC Bank?

RBC Bank is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Royal Bank of Canada, which is the biggest bank in Canada.

What is an RBC Bank Transit Number?

A bank transit number is a 5-digit code that uniquely identifies your local branch. The first 4 numbers represent the branch number, while the last digit represents the geographical location of the branch.

What Time Does RBC Banks Close?

RBC Bank does not have physical branch locations, so it neither opens nor closes. Banking services, though, are available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week through both RBC Bank’s online and telephone banking services. With a single sign-on, you can view both your U.S. and Canadian bank accounts online, and you can make transfers between them free of charge. You can also pay bills online, and you can do so across borders and without having to worry about conversion rates.

RBC Bank further offers its customers access to accounts through more than 50,000 ATMs throughout the United States. To find an ATM nearest you (including one that accepts deposits), go to their ATM locator. If you’re in need of currency exchange in Moose Jaw, Knightsbridge is committed to giving you the best rates.

What Is the Bank Code for RBC Bank?

The Canadian bank code for the Royal Bank of Canada is 003. The U.S. routing number for RBC Bank is 063216608.

When Was RBC Bank Formed?

In 1864, the Royal Bank of Canada was formed in Halifax, Nova Scotia. It was then called the Merchants Bank of Halifax and was focused on financing local industries such as fishing and lumber.

In the succeeding decades, the bank expanded to neighboring provinces and began operations in cities across the world. Eventually, the bank expanded throughout Canada, and to reflect this in 1901 the bank became called the Royal Bank of Canada. It also moved its headquarters to Montreal. It then continued to expand in the following decades by acquiring and merging with many Canadian banks.

In the 1960s, the Royal Bank of Canada was the first Canadian bank to computerize its operations, and it also then began offering insurance products.

In 2001, the Royal Bank of America started retail operations in the United States as RBC Bank USA when they purchased Centura Bank, which was based in Raleigh, North Carolina. In 2012 — the same year in which PNC Financial Services bought RBC Bank USA — Royal Bank of Canada started RBC Bank as a means to offer its Canadian customers banking services in the United States.

How Do You Get a Void Check from RBC Bank?

RBC Bank customers can view and print void checks through online banking by following these steps:

In certain cases, a PDF of the check will be available as well.