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KnightsbridgeFX Morning Update September 9, 2011

USD/CAD Open: 0.9920-22  Overnight Range: 0.9869-0.9922   The Canadian dollar lost some ground overnight and fell further vs. the USD after today’s below expectation Canadian employment report. Overnight, Chinese inflation was less than expected.  NY futures are pointing lower.  Oil is lower at $87.93 and gold is at $1,830.   The short term Canadian dollar […]

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KnightsbridgeFX Morning Update September 8, 2011

USD/CAD Open: 0.9837-40  Overnight Range: 0.9830-0.9865 The Canadian dollar gained some ground overnight.  NY futures are pointing lower.  Overnight., the ECB left its lending rate unchanged as did the Bank of England.  Yesterday’s Bank of Canada rate announcement indicated there would be no change for some time, without specifics, citing eurozone and global growth concerns.  […]

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KnightsbridgeFX Morning Update September 6, 2011

USD/CAD Open: 0.9895-99  Overnight Range: 0.9865-0.9925 The Canadian dollar was smacked around and lost ground over the long weekend as issues in Europe crept up along with poor jobs data on Friday in the US.  The swiss franc tumbled overnight as the Swiss National Bank decided to put a floor on the exchange rate (euro/swiss).  […]

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Welcome – Canadian Dollar News

Staying up to date on the foreign exchange market (Canadian and US dollar) ensures you can react quickly to market movements.  Our market analysts review forces impacting currencies and summarize their comprehensive research in succinct information reports. Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange helps Canadian individuals and businesses exchange currency at competitive exchange rates ( Disclaimer for all information […]

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November 30, 2010

USD/CAD Open 1.0195-1.0200 Overnight Range 1.0174-1.0234 The Canadian dollar traded within its well established short term range overnight even as Asian equity markets were roiled by a Chinese economist’s call for China to raise interest rates 2% to stem inflation. The reaction was a tad excessive, in part, reflecting both poor liquidity and rate hike […]

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November 5, 2010

USD/CAD Open 1.0050-55 Overnight Range 1.0022-1.0080 The Canadian dollar had a quiet overnight session ahead of the Canadian employment report. The 3,000 gain was below expectations of +16.5K and the loonie retreated modestly. US payroll report indicated a gain of +151K, above expectations, and the US dollar gained across the board except against the loonie. […]

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October 5, 2010

USD/CAD Open 1.0209-14 Overnight Range 1.0205-70 The USD/CAD went for a wee bit of a roller coaster ride overnight, rising from 1.0230 to 1.0270 and then plunging back to 1.0216 in the span of 30 minutes, mostly due to EUR/CAD buying. Most markets were squirrelly beginning with Australia’s mostly surprising decision to leave rates unchanged […]

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September 9, 2010

USD/CAD Open 1.0333-38 Overnight Range 1.0333-1.0393 The CAD$ retreated slightly in Asia trading but then recouped those losses in the European session on the back of rising global equity indices. European sovereign debt default concerns diminished on a good bond auction in Portugal yesterday and on news that Norway’s $450 billion Government Pension fund is […]

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August 11, 2010

USD/CAD Open 1.0377-82 Overnight Range 1.0306-1.0389 The Canadian dollar’s post FOMC rally proved short lived and the loonie gave back yesterday afternoons gains overnight. Risk aversion has returned to the markets following a rather dovish FOMC statement, another round of quantitative easing and re-emerging concerns that China’s economy is slowing. A surging JPY, reaching 14 […]

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July 2, 2010

USD/CAD Open 1.0599-1.0605 Overnight Range 1.0558-1.0617 The CAD$ sank to 1.0675 on Canada Day, in a rather unpatriotic move, driven lower by renewed concerns over the health of the US economy and the possibility of a double dip recession. The loonie managed to recoup all of those losses overnight despite the US dollar remaining weak […]

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