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Best Places to get Plastic Surgery Overseas

With revolutionary advancements in the field of medicine, plastic surgery is growing massively popular around the world. This has resulted in rapidly increasing medical tourism, which has made people look for the best places to get plastic surgery overseas. There are so many countries around the world where cosmetic or plastic surgery is in high demand and some of them are as follows.

Dominican Republic

This North American country is quite famous for having some of the best doctors in the field of plastic surgery. Every year, thousands of people enhance their physical features here at a very reasonable price.

The country has some very professional and experienced surgeons who are known for having done many successful procedures. Patients have strong bargaining power there, which is why so many people travel to that country every year to get the surgery. The best part is that if a surgeon is not experienced in a particular procedure, he or she will recommend you to another surgeon to provide a good quality procedure and also to maintain a good reputation in the country.


Another popular country is Thailand where you can get the procedure done. This Asian country is a popular destination for people. Every year, thousands of people from around the world and especially from America travel to Bangkok, Thailand to get some kind of plastic or cosmetic surgery. One of the main reasons is a low cost and high-quality procedure.

Thailand also serves as a great tourist destination, which makes it even more attractive for people. In recent years, however, it has faced tough competition from other countries in Asia. Despite the increasing competition, so many people prefer to get their surgeries done from Thailand because they have Australian and American plastic surgery certified doctors.

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When we talk about cosmetic surgery, Taiwan is another name that always comes up. The island is majorly known for facial surgery, but lately, there has been an emerging trend of getting Botox. The locals love to have any kind of anti-aging procedure done just to look younger. Whether it is about lifting the cheeks, removing dark circles or treating the wrinkles.

According to a survey, over 200,000 procedures were performed in Taiwan in 2010. Among many other countries in Asia, Taiwan is famous for doing high-quality procedures at a reasonable cost. In fact, it has the best reputation because most surgeons were trained abroad. In addition to that, they also have state of the art facilities available that can be compared with the facilities in the developed nations.

United States of America

Although the USA does not hold the top position in the list of the most famous countries for cheap plastic surgery, it still is famous for a number of cosmetic procedures. Hundreds of Hollywood celebrities undergo some kind of cosmetic surgery every year. But the trend is not limited to celebrities; a huge population of America opts for plastic surgery. In fact, it has become more of a fashion now and less of a taboo like it used to be in the past.

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the country had performed over 13 million minimally invasive and invasive procedures back in 2010. Some of the most popular procedures are butt augmentation, breast enhancement, and liposuction. Among all the states, Miami tops the chart in terms of producing plastic surgeons, New York comes in the second position, whereas, Los Angeles is at the third position.


A neighboring country of Brazil, Columbia is another popular place for plastic surgery procedures. It is a hub for performing these surgeries and the medical tourism is rapidly increasing in the country. The main selling point of Colombia is low-cost cosmetic procedures, but make sure you don’t compromise on the quality just to save a few dollars. Although, the country has great plastic surgeons, it normally requires a thorough research to find the right surgeon.

One of the well-known procedures in the country is Liposuction. In 2010, around ninety thousand people went for this procedure.


Brazilians are typically known to be quite beautiful in the world. Despite that, the country has experienced an increasing trend of plastic surgery over the years. In 2013, around fifteen million procedures were performed in the country.

The procedure is exempt from tax, which makes it easier for Brazilians to get it done; the cost of elective surgery is deducted from the income tax. This is why Rio de Janeiro has become the hub of medical tourism and over 4,500 surgeons manage to secure additional income due to tax incentives. The popular procedures in the country are liposuction and breast enhancement surgery. The country is also famous for a butt lift surgery.


Italy is a home to anti-aging surgeries. A large number of cosmetic surgeons specialize in anti-aging cosmetic procedure and over 800,000 procedures are performed in the country every year. Among so many popular procedures, Botox and injectable filler are the most requested ones. These procedures enhance the features, such as eyebrows, chin, and cheek and are also helpful in giving fine lines by removing wrinkles.

As for the invasive procedures, the most popular choice is liposuction. Every year, approximately 69,000 liposuction surgeries are performed in Italy.


Despite being on the list of struggling economies, Greece is the second most famous country when it comes to plastic surgeries. There are two main reasons behind it, cheap procedures and advanced facilities. Not only do locals get various procedures done every year, but it is also very popular among tourists. Every year, people from all over the world visit the country to get some kind of procedure.

Breast enhancement is very popular among the female population, whereas, popular procedure among the male population is penis enlargement. According to a survey, the frequency of penis enlargement in Greece is ten times higher than the average frequency in other nations.

South Korea

With the rise of K-pop culture, more and more young population wants to look like their idols, which has eventually led to an increase in cosmetic procedures. It has become the most popular country for plastic surgery procedures. A research shows that for every thousand people, 10 cosmetic surgeries are performed in the country.

20 percent of the female population has undergone some kind of procedure, whether it is as invasive as a full body lift or as non-invasive as an injectable or Botox. The most commonly performed surgery in South Korea is blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid surgery. The reason why so many people go for this procedure is their preference to have western-looking eyes. In 2010 alone, over 44 thousand double eyelid surgeries were performed in the country. Apart from these surgeries, liposuction and rhinoplasty are also very common.

Croatia and Turkey

These places have gained massive popularity in the past few years due to medical tourism. Every year, thousands of tourists visit the country to undergo high-quality cosmetic procedures at a very low price. They also have amazing sights and plenty of sunshine, which is why so many people visit these places for plastic surgery procedures.


Mumbai is a hub of so many plastic surgery institutes, including the Indian Society of Cosmetic Surgery, the Academy of Anti-Aging, and the Cosmetic Surgery Institute. No wonder India has some of the most beautiful faces in the world. The price of performing these procedures is very low, which makes it a famous place to get the procedure done. Every year, around 500,000 medical tourists visit India to get some kind of cosmetic procedure. English is their second language, which makes it easier for foreigners to communicate with the surgeons clearly about what they want.

However, the most surprising procedure done in India is Limb lengthening. People go through this highly invasive procedure to improve their marriage and career prospects. It is a very risky surgery and on top of it, surgeons start performing it after a few months of the fellowship. Despite being aware of the risks, so many people in India undergo this painful procedure.


A small city in the Czech Republic, Prague is very famous for various cosmetic procedures. Every year, thousands of people undergo some sort of procedure ranging from minimally invasive to highly invasive surgeries. The cost is quite reasonable given the quality of service provided. Moreover, the clinics in Prague are equipped with advanced technology and latest facilities, which makes an attractive place for medical tourists. The surgeons are very well trained and experienced in the field.


Germany is one of the countries in Western Europe that has become quite famous for plastic surgeries. So many Europeans visit this country because of low airfare, which saves a lot of money in traveling that can be used for getting the procedures. In addition to that, surgeons provide high-quality service.

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