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How to Buy Property in Mexico

Mexico is a common vacation destination for its beautiful sandy beaches, the incredible weather and the plethora of tasty foods. It’s full of life and culture, which may lead to many wanting to own property, such as a vacation home, even if they aren’t a citizen of Mexico. Whether it’s for personal use, commercial use […]

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Vancouver Real Estate Market Could Crash Due to China’s Exchange Restrictions

Vancouver Real Estate Could we be in the midst of a Vancouver real estate crash? The government of the People’s Republic of China put in place currency exchange regulations which are meant to curtail skyrocketing investment in overseas markets, which has caused the astronomical price of real estate in Vancouver. The new regulations were a surprise to Chinese citizens […]

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Does Investing in Florida Real Estate Still Make Sense For Canadians?

Many Torontonians are intrigued by the prospect of investing in rental properties, especially investing in Florida real estate. Rental properties are a great way for individuals to diversify their portfolio and earn passive income. When considering the purchase of a rental property, there are a few variables you’ll want to consider. The cost of the […]

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