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Travel Tips for the best tourist locations in the world. KnightsBridge FX provides all your currency exchange needs for CAD to USD.

Top Travel Destinations For Canadian Families

Gone are the days where you would load up the mini-van with sunscreen and lawn chairs, just to drive your kids to the closest sandy shoreline. With the increasing popularity and accessibility of travel, modern families are looking to make the most of their vacation time. Although travelling with children can be a little more […]

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How To Travel The World As A Freelance Worker

In today’s digital gig economy, more and more individuals are choosing independent short term work opportunities over the traditional 9-5. While it’s certainly not a lifestyle for everybody, these “digital nomads” have constructed reliable income streams that they can tend to from virtually anywhere around the world. It’s important to understand that while there are […]

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Top Travel Money Tips For University Students

It comes as no surprise that university and college students alike desire spontaneous traveling during their longer breaks. Leaving your country to explore abroad opens up your mind and gives you a new perspective on life; not to mention how easily it can become an unforgettable experience. With the rising costs of education and higher […]

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The Best Ways To Budget As A Canadian Snowbird

Throughout modern day history, Canadian retirement has long since been associated with wintertime snowbird escapes. Getting away from the sun-lacking cold Canadian weather is one of the best ways to make the “golden years” more golden.   A New Wave Of Frugal Snowbirds The harsh reality today is that many individuals going into retirement are […]

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How Long Can Canadian Snowbirds Stay In Non US Countries

It’s not uncommon for snowbirds to plan their winters outside of their traditional American comfort zone – the United States. There is plenty of warm weather, tropical climate, and excitement to be found in other parts of the world. With an increasing demand for adventurous experiences, Canadian snowbirds are looking to non-US countries for a […]

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Which Countries Can Canadian PR Travel Without Visa?

Becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident will open up a world of opportunities in terms of travel. Successfully attaining PR status in Canada means that you no longer have to complete laborious visa application processes to visit certain countries. Fortunately, many of these places are 5-star travel destinations and popular tourist locations, so you’re practically guaranteed […]

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How Long Can You Stay Outside Of Canada Without Losing Benefits

When thinking about leaving the country, it is very important to know about the implications of your trip duration. If you plan on staying out of the country for an extended duration, you may eventually be restricted from certain national benefits at home. While this mainly applies to snowbirds, Canadians in general have a tendency […]

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Top 7 Best Places To Move In Canada

Every day the demand to move into Canada grows as the nation’s supportive infrastructure expands. The country is especially attractive to individuals living in the United States that wish to reside north of the border. This is mainly due to the fact that Canada and the US have very similar cultural beliefs and lifestyles, and […]

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Planning a Family Trip in Canada after COVID-19

There is no need to worry – the struggles of COVID-19 won’t last forever. If you’re currently reading this amidst the pandemic, while Canada’s still considered to be in an emergency state, just know that this situation is temporary and it will eventually pass. For many Canadians, the virus has taken a heavy toll on […]

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Travel Safety Tips for Coronavirus

The first case of the novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) was reported in Wuhan, Hubei, China in December 2019. Early cases were believed to be linked to a live animal market in Wuhan and have since been spreading from person to person. Shortly after, cases of the COVID-19 virus began to appear outside of China.  On January […]

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