Tips for Canadians Studying in the US or Abroad

How to Send an International Money Transfer from Canada to USA

When you’re seeking to understand the different service offerings provided by foreign exchange institutions, it’s important to get a firm grasp of the essentials. At the end of the day, any forms of payment that extend across national borders undergo a mandatory conversion process. In North America, you can occasionally get away with making payments […]

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US/Canada Tax Treaty Summary: A Quick Read

Both Canada and the US have established beneficial tax relationships with other nations to encourage commerce and reduce overall tax burdens. As a result, citizens and permanent residents of these two countries may have different tax return obligations based on their location. Technically speaking, American ex-patriots who live north of the border need to file […]

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Safest Ways To Send Money Without Getting Scammed

One of the most important assumptions made on a money transfer is that the amount transacted will get to the recipient safely. Unfortunately, scams are becoming more prevalent (even if it’s less detectable) as technology improves and scammer knowledge increases. Each time you book a remittance, it’s not enough to have financial peace of mind […]

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Top 5 Best Places To Live In Canada For Immigrants

Throughout the recent decades, Canada has been a highly desirable residency location for millions of new immigrants. For many Canadians this comes as no surprise – Canada offers its inhabitants a beautiful landscape along with plenty of opportunities for career work and recreation. All in all, the country’s high living standards and abundant multiculturalism is […]

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What Is A Remittance? A Few Things To Understand

When looking to understand the different service offerings provided by foreign exchange institutions, it’s important to get a firm grasp of the terminology. By now, you’ve likely come across the term “remittance” more than once while doing research on money transfers. At the most basic definition, a remittance is the act of sending or receiving […]

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How To Apply For Canadian PR in 12 Easy Steps

If you’re looking to obtain permanent residency status in Canada you will have to apply through the IRCC, also known as the Immigration Refugee and Citizenship Canada. While this application is by no means a quick and easy process, there are rules and guidelines that you can follow to simplify the ordeal. Whether you’re an […]

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Do You Have To Pay US Income Tax If You Move To Canada?

Regardless of where you’re currently residing in the world, if you have obtained US citizenship status (or permanent US residency) then you’ll have to disclose any globally-sourced income to the government. Your annual tax return must be filed each year without fail. If you’re holding foreign assets in offshore bank accounts you’ll need to submit […]

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Western Union Canada Fees: An Overview

Sending funds abroad through international money transfers is a task that should be taken seriously. In today’s highly competitive business world, there are so many foreign exchange options on the market – each boasting their own competitive advantage. Truthfully, your focus when booking FX transactions should be to be as cost-efficient as possible. After all, […]

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OFX Review: Is It Any Good?

OFX is a part of the OzForex company; a re-branding of the more commonly known Canadian alias, CanadianForex. First established in 1998 as an Australian based foreign exchange, OFX steadily expanded its network across borders and now has 6 major offices around the world. Through consistent business practices and successful currency conversion services, OFX managed […]

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HiFX Review: Top 5 Things To Be Aware Of

After the company’s rebranding, HiFX now goes by XE Money Transfer but it is essentially the same foreign exchange service provider. Initially founded in 1998 as a United Kingdom based foreign exchange, HiFX steadily grew its network and influence into other large countries such as the US. Fairly reputable in the UK, HiFX (now XE […]

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