Tips for Canadians Studying in the US or Abroad

An Introduction to Self-Employment Tax in Canada

Individuals with an entrepreneurial mindset can often find ways to generate income by running their own business and starting a company. While this goes against the traditional wealth goal of finding a job, in can prove to be very lucrative assuming the right amount of work gets put in. With that being said, self-employed entrepreneur […]

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Forex Investing: A Short Guide to Commodity Currencies

Unlike a precious metal like gold or silver, a commodity currency is slightly more complex than just a simple commodity on its own. At its most basic definition, a commodity currency is money that is strongly influenced by the price movements of one main commodity.  In other words, if a commodity currency’s underlying commodity declines […]

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10 Important Pieces of Advice for Canadian Snowbirds

Here at Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange, we have a lot of experience working with clients who seek a warmer winter. Canadian snowbirds that travel down south to our bordering neighbour (the US) for a brief getaway have a right to increased peace of mind. There are many tax tips and travel considerations that closely link to […]

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How to Buy Real Estate in Canada as a Non-Resident

It’s a common practice for many foreigners living in Canada to want to purchase their own properties on Canadian soil. Fortunately due to some fairly relaxed laws, buying and retaining ownership of real estate in Canada is certainly feasible. If you’re an expat, international traveller, global scholar, or a foreign investor, you may be looking […]

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The 5 Best Online U.S. Bank Accounts to Open

With much gratitude for modern day technological advancements, the conventional banking system has been permanently disrupted for the better. If you can’t see yourself walking into a bank branch to register an account, you’ll be glad to hear that nowadays bank registering methods are much more convenient. With a steadily rising demand for more banking […]

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How to Manage Currency Exchange Risk During COVID-19

No matter what temporary state the world foreign exchange market is currently in, it’s always important to try and manage currency exchange risk whenever you can. This statement especially holds true in scenarios like the COVID-19 pandemic, which impacts the market on a global scale. Companies and individuals alike have always been subject to foreign […]

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What Fees You Can Expect When Receiving Money in Canada

Whenever you’re dealing with international money transfers, whether they are inbound or outbound, they are subject to certain costs or fees. After all, currency conversion and money transfers are the “bread and butter” of a foreign exchange service, and using these platforms cost money to use. Different foreign exchange companies deal with different cost structures […]

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Best Practices for Travelling Internationally During COVID-19

It’s important to commit a few basic COVID-19 considerations and best safety practices to memory before embarking on an international journey. The COVID-19 situation is rapidly developing all around the globe and country-specific updates are coming in at a very fast rate. Whether you need to travel for business or leisure, make a conscious effort […]

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Top 5 Best Smartphone Apps for Travelling

Regardless of whether you’re travelling the world recreationally or for business, you’ll want to stay equipped with the latest technology. The modern day smartphone has many surprising capabilities (in the form of third party applications) that can make travelling simpler and more convenient. These travel apps in our top 10 list serve a variety of […]

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How to Send an International Money Transfer from Canada to USA

When you’re seeking to understand the different service offerings provided by foreign exchange institutions, it’s important to get a firm grasp of the essentials. At the end of the day, any forms of payment that extend across national borders undergo a mandatory conversion process. In North America, you can occasionally get away with making payments […]

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