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International Wire Transfer TD Bank

There are various reasons you may need to send money internationally, including business transactions, personal purchases, or sending money to friends or family. A common method to transfer money overseas is through their bank, and if you’re with TD Bank, the primary method to send it directly from your account is through a wire transfer. […]

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Opening a US Bank Account

If you’re heading down south to the United States for a new job, school or just to live in a new environment, then you’ll want a bank account to make it easier to handle your financial matters.  It can be a little tricky and confusing to open a bank account, especially as technology advances and […]

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Currency Exchange FAQ

How are currency exchange rates determined? Currency exchange rates are determined by a regime called the managed floating exchange rate. This regime means that the value of each currency rate is influenced by its government’s or central bank’s economic operations. Are currency exchanges open on Sunday? Different currency exchange providers have different schedules and some […]

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How to Get a Job in Toronto

Toronto is considered to be one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities in Canada, North America and the entire world. It’s often been ranked as the most multicultural city in the world and features six distinct and uniquely wonderful boroughs that provide a little something for everyone. Beaches, restaurants, parks, trails and more, with […]

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What Banks Aren’t Telling Canadian Businesses

As a Canadian business looking to grow and expand, you may find yourself working with companies in the United States and getting the opportunity to get paid in U.S. dollars. Given that the USD is typically significantly more than the CAD, you can often make a lot of money on the exchange, if you go […]

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How to Save when Exchanging Currency

When it comes to exchanging your Canadian dollar for a US dollar, there are several options that you can use apart from going to the bank. Although banks are convenient, they charge higher exchange rates compared to other smaller financial institutions. In fact, Canadians pay hefty premiums whenever they want to exchange their dollars for […]

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