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How to Cash a Bank Draft in Canada

Knowing how to cash a bank draft in Canada is vital for business owners and service providers. Sometimes the client could suggest […]

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How Does Interest Rate Differential Affect Foreign Currency

An important consideration to make before investing in foreign currency is the interest rate differential (IRD). IRD is the difference in interest […]

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Euro Compared To Canadian Dollar

As inflation and the value of big commodities continue to change, they affect the value of the Euro compared to the Canadian […]

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What is Currency Depreciation and How Does It Affect Foreign Exchange Rates

You’ve probably come across the term currency depreciation and have wondered, “What is currency depreciation?” Currency depreciation is a decline in the […]

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Reasons That Can Cause the Dollar to Devalue

When there is dollar devaluation, the currency declines in value compared to another country’s currency. The Canadian dollar can depreciate due to […]

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5 Ways Investing in Foreign Currency Would Pay Off

Investing in currency tools in the forex market is an excellent way to diversify a portfolio and earn money every second. Many […]

By Admin | September 10, 2021 | Finance Tips | 0 comments Read more >

Tips On Investing In Foreign Real Estate

Buying foreign properties is a perfect way to diversify your real estate investments but can be a complex process. If you want […]

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What is Currency Hedging?

One of the common terms you will come across as you do or study forex exchange is currency hedging. So let’s first […]

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How to Trade Forex for Beginners

You’ve probably heard people earning thousands and millions of dollars through forex trading, and you wonder how it works. But, if you […]

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How to Claim Foreign Tax Credit?

While Canadian residents are obligated to pay taxes on their global income, they can go for a foreign tax credit to reduce […]

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