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Best Places to Study in the US

There are so many colleges and universities in the U.S., where you can get a quality education at an affordable price. Some of the best places that offer great opportunities to study in the U.S. with exciting location and highly ranked universities are as follows:

New York

New York City, the city that never sleeps, is a great place to study in the U.S. as it is a hub of some of the best universities and colleges in the United States. The New York University and Columbia University (Ivy League institution) are two of the most well-known names in the education sector where so many international students enroll every year.

Being an Ivy League school, Columbia University offers scholarships to students, for example, there is a student financial aid program for undergraduates. Moreover, it also offers various grants, scholarships, and other opportunities to students. In fact, it also has Cornwell University, which is another Ivy League School. Apart from that, students can choose from over 60 undergraduate, technical and community colleges and universities.

New York represents the cultural diversity where you will come across people from all around the world. When it comes to seeking opportunities, especially as a student with a global economics background, you can access a number of financial corporation headquarters and money trade institutions to get internships.

Los Angeles

When you talk about Los Angeles, sunshine is the first thing that comes to mind. In addition to that, LA is also a home for prestigious universities, one of which is the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA).

There are so many student attractions in that country. Tour companies arrange group tours for students to see well-known movie locations. Moreover, Universal Studio Hollywood sets up various programs, featuring lesson plans, technical tours, and activities. In fact, UCLA is a home to two famous educational destinations, Hammer Museum and Fowler Museum.

San Francisco

Adjacent to the Silicon Valley lies one of the great cities of the U.S. called San Francisco. The bay area of the city has numerous innovative firms, especially in the IT sector. The city is very close to two of the best universities in America, University of California and Stanford University.

There are a lot of universities and colleges in San Francisco that facilitate students in so many ways. For example, they can avail financial aid, scholarships, and can also participate in different events.

The educational institutions in the city have formed a good network, which enables them to offer students various work opportunities, including volunteer work or internships in their particular field. This makes it a great place for students.


To get the best experience in academics and be among the brilliant minds, you should consider going to Boston. One of the reasons is its nearby town, Cambridge, MA, that is a student-centric city; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Harvard University are two of the top-ranked universities situated in this area.

Boston also has other high-ranking universities. In fact, companies are aware of the Boston’s high status in terms of providing quality education. In addition to that, Boston is known for having a rich art and culture, especially the contemporary classical music.

The Fenway area, a hometown for Red Sox baseball team, is the main attraction for students from nearby institutions, such as Boston University and Boston College. During the game season, nearby pubs and sports bars are filled with college students. Similarly, the Harvard Square, a place across the Charles River, is a famous spot for MIT and Harvard students.

The most anticipated events in the city are the annual music festivals held by the universities. For example, Tufts University holds Spring Fling and Yardfest is held by the Harvard University. Harvard also organizes various activities, such as karaoke nights and trivia. In Boston Harbor National Park, universities carry out numerous events. Students can also enjoy boating events held on the Charles River; these events are free to watch.

All in all, Boston is a city with a sizable population of students from different universities who possess unique talents and take part in various activities.

Washington DC

Home to so many national monuments, Supreme Court, and the White House, Washington DC has amazing colleges and universities for students, including Howard University, American University, Corcoran University of the Arts and Design, Catholic University of America, George Washington University and Georgetown University.

These universities offer great scholarship programs and financial aids to students based on different criteria. The cost of accommodation for students is quite reasonable. There are off-campus housing facilities, youth hostels, intern housing facilities, short-term stay housing and a lot more.

Apart from getting exposure to the political activities and campaigns, students also get to experience a positive attitude toward social interaction and foreign exchange advocacy. Washington, DC represents a diverse cultural demography.


Chicago is another place for students if they are intending to study in the U.S. Also called the Windy City, it serves as an economic hub for a fast-paced lifestyle. Two of the best universities in America are situated in Chicago, Northwestern University and University of Chicago.

Students can enjoy a variety of activities in the city. For example, every year a number of off-campus and on-campus events are held, including exhibitions, drama, music, comedy, and so many other shows. Students can either get a free entry after showing their ID or they have to pay a very little entrance fee. Moreover, financing opportunities are also available for students regardless of where they are from.

In addition to that, colleges and universities in Chicago have sports clubs for students that allow students to participate in their favorite sports. They can also participate in athletic activities. For international students, different centers have been established in universities with centralized programs and services.


A city full of natural beauty and busy lifestyle, Atlanta is one of the biggest city in the Georgia state. It is also known as the City-too-busy-to-hate because of how its dwellers approached the US Civil Rights Movement. Above all, Atlanta is a home to different colleges and universities. One of the most prestigious universities in America, George Institute of Technology, also known as the George Tech is also situated in the city. It is famous for carrying out research activities and having good connections in the corporate sector. Moreover, the university has a great outdoor recreation program.

These educational institutes have a large number of student bodies, including honor societies and other student organizations. Various firms are in pursuit of talents from these universities and colleges. Every year, on-campus events are held by these institutes related to arts, culture, and sports. Students can also sign up for leadership and service opportunities to do volunteer work.


The second largest city in Pennsylvania, Pittsburg is a home to two of the esteemed universities, the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University. It is a great place for students to get the education, especially because of the financial aid available for them. In addition to the reduced tuition fee, you can also enjoy a good quality of living, diverse population of students, and so much more.

You can choose from a variety of housing options. For an off-campus living, students can contact various organizations that have a list of options available to choose from.

In addition to that, students can enroll themselves in numerous activities, services, and programs to provide service to the community and enhance their leadership skills. The universities have specific programs available for students to discover their passion and talent. Not only do they get peer mentoring, but also get exposed to student employment opportunities. Students can also engage in event programming, sports, community service, and other activities.

San Diego

Home to the University of California, San Diego, and San Diego State University, this is known as the finest city in America. With an amazing weather throughout the year, San Diego is also considered the safest city in the U.S., which makes it even more attractive for students. You have different options to go around the area, for example, they can travel via trams or use other car services.

Moreover, universities offer financial aid and scholarship opportunities to students. It also offers other alternatives, such as student loans. Different programs are available to facilitate students where they get to learn about salary and career planning, money management tips, managing credit history, and so much more.


Last but not the least, Baltimore is one of the best places for students. It is a hub of so many esteemed universities, including the University of Maryland, University of Baltimore. Morgan State University, and John Hopkins University. These institutes offer different recreational and wellness facilities to their students. You can also apply for financial aid and can avail scholarships based on certain criteria.

Students can participate in community service programs and can even sign up for fun events, whether it is related to arts and culture or it is a sports event. Different student affair bodies are there in every institute to help students with any issue.

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