Canadians Living in the United States

Are you a Canadian living in the United States? Then you’re certainly not alone as there are over 800,000 Canadian living in the United States whether for work or pleasure. When it’s time to make the move, you’ll need to exchange some currency upfront (and maybe later too) to secure your home, set up the necessities and more! You may need to exchange hundreds of thousands of dollars, especially if you’re buying a house, so getting the best USD exchange rates in Canada would make a huge difference.

That’s where Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange comes in. We make it easy for you to exchange your currency and can even make buying a home easy. We can transfer your funds for your home purchase directly to the seller, with no added fees for you. That, along with the best USD exchange rates in Canada, means you’ll save as much as you can on your exchanges. Our customers save an average of about 1-2% on their exchanges, meaning if you’re exchanging $500,000 to buy a home, that’s a $10,000 savings!

There is a lot to love about the United States, but no matter how you enjoy it down there, there will always be things you miss about home. We maintain great relationships with our customers, so we decided to ask a few Knightsbridge FX customers who we helped save money in their move from Canada to the United States with the best USD exchange rates in Canada what they miss about Canada.


There are many places to go in the United States for snow, especially on the east coast, but for former Canadians living in states like Florida, Texas, Nevada, Arizona and California (among others), snow may never come. Sure, sometimes we hate and complain about the snow and cold while we’re in it, but at the end of the day snow is in our blood as Canadians. Going years without a serious snowfall can really make you miss what you had.

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2.Funny Money

We know many Americans think our money looks silly and like a kid’s toy. Funny money is a term that gets thrown around quite often, but as Canadians we love our multi-coloured plastic bills. Not only does it make it easy to tell the difference between each bill, it’s fun! How can you not enjoy the blue 5, green 20, red 50 or purple 100! It’s like a rainbow in your wallet. Plus, don’t look now, but we see the American bills are slowly taking on more characteristics that our bills already have. Just give it more time and the funny money will come to you!

3.Health Care

Universal healthcare is one of the biggest things that Canadians living in the States miss. It really sinks in when you have your first doctor’s appointment and have to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars. Even with a good health care plan, the average individual monthly premium is over $300 per month. That’s quite a bit, especially if you’re used to paying close to nothing for your health care.

4.Food and Beer

Canadians love their food, and Canadians love their beer. As much as there may be American versions of some of your favourite Canadian foods, like poutine, it just isn’t the same as the real authentic thing. There’s nothing quite like real Canadian poutine or real Canadian maple syrup. And, for all the excellent beer down the in the United States, when you find that favourite Canadian beer, it’s hard to get over it, even if there are other great options. Luckily, some foods like Ketchup or All-Dressed chips can be purchased online, and you can use Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange to get the best exchange rates for that purchase.

5.Tim Horton’s

Tim Horton’s is about as Canadian as it gets, and like our food, the Timmies you may find in the States just aren’t quite the same as the true north strong and free Tim Horton’s you’ll find up here. Whether it’s the classic coffee, or the beloved Timbits, there’s something special for Canadians with Tim Horton’s.


As Canadians, we have a reputation for being overly polite, and it’s warranted.  That classic Canadian politeness often goes as far as Canadians apologizing for someone bumping into them! It may seem funny or silly but is a real treat when you don’t get it for quite some time and experience a lot of disrespect and rudeness instead.

Moving Across the Border?

Whether you’re looking to move back to Canada from the United States, or down to the States from Canada then trust Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange to get you the best USD exchange rates in Canada and the best currency exchange rates. Remember, on top of getting you great exchange rates, we can transfer your money across the border for you, with no transfer fees, making it easy and streamlined to purchase property across the border.

For any of your currency exchange needs, Knightsbridge Foreign Exchange has your back with the best USD exchange rates in Canada and the best currency exchange rates in Canada. You can’t beat the value you get from our exchange rates and our full-suite exchange and money services.

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