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How to Move to Canada

Canada is a largely beloved country, with approximately 300,000 immigrants moving to the country each year. You may be considering making the […]

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What to do in Montreal?

Montreal boasts of awesome landmarks, top-notch restaurants, lively nightclubs, fascinating museums, and bustling shopping districts. Exploring Vieux-Montréal’s 18th-century buildings is among the […]

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All about Victoria

Where to stay in Victoria, BC? For those wondering where to stay in Victoria, BC, Downtown Victoria, James Bay, Inner Harbour, Burnside, […]

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Calgary FAQ

What time is it in Calgary? The time in Calgary is based on the city’s time zone, which is Mountain Daylight Time […]

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All about Vancouver

Both residents and visitors have plenty of things to do in Vancouver. Stanley Park is one of the most iconic attractions, where […]

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What is the MasterCard Exchange Rate

If you’re overseas, in the United States or making a purchase online, your debit or credit card comes in handy as it […]

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International Money Transfer Charges

Whether you are buying an overseas property or wanting to pay for your destination wedding, sending money internationally isn’t that easy as […]

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Best Destination Wedding Places

Everyone has their own idea of a dream wedding. Some prefer to celebrate the big day in their own hometown, while others […]

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Best Places to get Plastic Surgery Overseas

With revolutionary advancements in the field of medicine, plastic surgery is growing massively popular around the world. This has resulted in rapidly […]

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How to Invoice International Clients

Are you a freelancer or an entrepreneur dealing with international clients on a daily basis? If so, it’s time you should know […]

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Canadian Dollar Forecast

KnightsbridgeFX is your authoritative source for Canadian dollar forecast and update information. Find out how oil prices, interest rate activity, and the Coronavirus/COVID-19 are likely to affect the CAD, and its relationship to the USD. Stay abreast on what the Bank of Canada and Central Bank are doing, as well as how the CAD is doing against the Greenback.
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