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Ottawa FAQ

Are Ottawa museums free on Thursday?

Yes, some Ottawa museums are free on Thursday.  Canadian Museum of History and Canada War Museum are free every Thursday between 4 pm and 8 pm, as well as all day Canada Day and Remembrance Day.  Canada Museum of Nature and National Gallery of Canada are free every Thursday between 5 pm and 8 pm as well as on Canada Day.

Are Ottawa beaches open?

Yes, Ottawa beaches are open to the public during the city’s beach season.

Does Ottawa have Uber?

Yes, Ottawa has Uber. The company has been legally operating in Ottawa since 2016.

Does Ottawa have a subway?

No, Ottawa doesn’t have a subway system.

Does Ottawa have hard water?

No, Ottawa doesn’t have hard water. On the contrary, the city’s central supply of drinking water is approximately 30 mg/L (ppm) of total hardness; That means that Ottawa has very soft water.

Does Ottawa have Lyft?

Yes, Ottawa has Lyft since 2018.

Does Ottawa use PRESTO?

Yes, Ottawa uses PRESTO.

Does Ottawa speak French?

No. While approximately 37% of Ottawa’s population is functionally bilingual and there’s a significant francophone minority, English is still the dominant language in the capital. Most residents are native anglophones.

Does Ottawa have a zoo?

Yes, Ottawa has two zoos: Papanack Park Zoo and Little Ray’s Reptile Zoo.

Does Ottawa have an airport?

Yes, Ottawa has an airport called Ottawa Macdonald–Cartier International Airport.

Does Ottawa recycle plastic bags?

No, Ottawa doesn’t recycle plastic bags at the moment.

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