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Top Travel Destinations For Canadian Families

Gone are the days where you would load up the mini-van with sunscreen and lawn chairs, just to drive your kids to the closest sandy shoreline. With the increasing popularity and accessibility of travel, modern families are looking to make the most of their vacation time.

Although travelling with children can be a little more expensive than travelling without, there are plenty of affordable options out there. The best family vacations don’t have to be the most expensive ones.

We’ve highlighted our favourite destination suggestions and created this list to help point you in the right direction:



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If you feel more comfortable staying within the continent and don’t wish to venture too far from home, there are still plenty of great experiences to be had.

Fortunately, some of the most underrated global attractions are closer than you think.


The Rocky Mountains Of Canada

As a Canadian, you’ve probably heard all about how amazing family ski trips are in British Columbia and Alberta. What you may not know is that the Rocky Mountains are still a great place to visit to during the non-winter months as well.

Since these mountains are such a popular tourist destination in Canada, they are widely accessible to the public. Theoretically, you could visit them from either province (BC or AB) although we prefer the Alberta route.

As you’re driving west, you can enjoy the wildlife at the beautiful Banff National Park as a road stop on your journey. Over here you can witness the stunning Lake Louise, a photographer’s dream landscape.


Vancouver Island

Situated off the coast of Canada’s most western province, British Columbia, this island is a great escape for families of all sizes.

Vancouver Island’s main selling point is that it offers a fresh experience to land-locked Canadians who don’t live near a coastline. Imagine a purely Canadian landscape, except with a friendlier climate. Compared to other provinces, Vancouver rarely sees any snow and maintains a modest range of temperatures all year.

In terms of activities, you can begin your island adventure by hopping on a British Columbia ferry boat from the mainland. Once you arrive, you can go for long walks on the beach, kayak off the shore, or even check out the Vancouver rainforest.


Palm Springs

Located in the warm weathered state of California, Palm Springs is a great place to bring the family south of the border. California has built a reputation over the years for having fantastic weather, featuring sunshine almost every day.

Since summers in California can be almost too hot for the uninitiated, we recommend bringing small children to Palm Springs during the springtime.

The beautiful region of Palm Springs features plenty of activities for adults, such as lush golf courses and spa resorts. For the kids, this area is only a few hours away from Disneyland and it’s also close to some of the most vibrant national parks in the US.


North American Family Trip Honourable Mentions


  • DISNEY CRUISELINES – Especially fun for families with young children, Disney cruises are a highly sought-after family vacation due to its welcoming atmosphere.


  • HAWAIIAN ISLANDS – If your family is into tropical sight-seeing, Hawaii is a great place to visit that isn’t too far from home. From world class scuba diving to volcano climbing, the Hawaiian Islands have it all coupled with a very friendly native culture.


  • ALASKAN CRUISES – The Alaskan Dream Cruise line is a great family vacation choice for children above 6 years of age. Cruising Alaska during the summer months is surprisingly pleasant, since the weather can reach well into double degree Celsius ranges.





Flying to Europe is not something that you could easily do on a weekend, but it’s an amazing experience for the whole family if you can book some time off work.

The continent features so many diverse cultures and lifestyles all within a relatively close proximity of one another. By landing in central Europe and renting a car, you can explore so many different worlds during your vacation.


The Irish Cliffs of Moher

If you can stomach the view, the Cliffs of Moher on the coastline of Ireland make up one of the most incredible natural sightings on the planet. Don’t worry if visiting the cliffs sounds too daunting – there are many calm and relaxed alternatives in this majestic island county.

Since Ireland is so easily accessed by tourists, your best option for travelling here is to rent a car upon arrival. The island is clustered with historical monuments and stone-built fortresses for kids to explore, and everything is within driveable distance.

Just be prepared for a ton of rain!


German Region of Mosel

Home to the scenic Mosel Valley, this particular region is Germany is regarded as one of the best tourist destinations in the whole country. And thanks to Germany’s world-class public transportation systems, it’s very easily reached.

This area is Germany offers gorgeous castles and old historic villages, fantastic wineries, and river voyages that can be fun for the whole family.

Another thing that’s great about visiting the Mosel Valley is its relative proximity to Frankfurt; the city’s airport often features direct flights to and from Canada.


City of Barcelona

With a reputation as one of the most popular tourist cities in the world, the Spanish city of Barcelona has a lot to offer for vacationing families.

The city features countless historical landmarks, along with both new and old districts to explore. There’s plenty to do and see here as a family, such as visiting the Sagrada Famillia or some of Barcelona’s theme parks.

One of our favourite things about Barcelona is its general affordability – coming here won’t break the bank. And if you manage to time your trip right, you’ll be able to witness one of the world’s best soccer teams play at their home stadium Camp Nou (FC Barcelona).


European Family Trip Honourable Mentions


  • ATHENS IN GREECE – The grand city of Athens, Greece features some of the richest history within the entire world’s timeline. Come to Athens if you want to educate your family about epic ancient civilizations at an affordable price.


  • MALTA – For a more tight-knit community experience, put Malta at the top of your European travel list. With beautiful small towns, sunshine, and cheap hotels, you really can’t go wrong with Malta.


  • ROME IN ITALY – Everybody who is passionate about art and architecture should visit Rome with their family at least once. Rome frequently gets brought up in conversations about European travel, and for good reason. Your children can get to experience the jaw-dropping grandeur of Rome’s religious monuments and the massive coliseum.





No matter where you go for vacation, if you’re travelling with children you should ensure the destination is accommodating for them.

At the same time, kids love adventure. If you’re willing to go the extra mile and book a flight somewhere out of the ordinary, there’s a good chance your entire family will love it.


For more suggestions of places to visit, check out our article on planning a Canadian family vacation after COVID-19



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