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How Does High Inflation Rate Affect a Country’s Currency

Inflation and currency exchange rates are directly related. Any change in inflation rates will affect the exchange rates positively or negatively. Inflation […]

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How Does Foreign Exchange Swap Work?

A foreign exchange swap is an agreement between two parties involving simultaneous borrowing and lending. The swaps help protect the parties involved […]

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Do Banks Exchange Currency And How Much Do They Charge

Do banks exchange currency? Yes. Banks are among the most prominent financial institutions that provide currency exchange services in Canada. Whether you […]

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Investing in Real-Estate Market During COVID-19: Trends and Opportunities 

Despite the current COVID-19 pandemic, the real estate market continues to endure disasters and proves itself a generally reliable investment. Property investment […]

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Why is the Canadian Dollar so Low compared to the U.S.?

Canadian dollar’s downward trajectory against the USD started in 2015 when the loonie sunk significantly against the U.S. dollar. Since then, it […]

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What Is a Spot Rate in Foreign Exchange?

Experts have perhaps advised you to check the spot rate before exchanging currencies, and you are wondering, “What is a spot rate?” […]

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What Are the Effects of Currency Volatility on Remittances

Fluctuations in foreign exchange rates can affect the number of remittances transferred to another part of a different country. While any payment […]

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Is Canadian Forex Safe During This Covid Pandemic?

The Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted financial markets, and perhaps you are wondering, “Is Canadian forex safe?” For the past few weeks, […]

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How Forward Exchange Rate is Determined?

If you run a company with a global base of suppliers, partners, or customers, you have probably heard about the forward exchange […]

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How Does Fluctuating Currency Rates Affect the Travel Industry?

It is common for significant economies’ exchange rates to float. That leads to fluctuation of currency value under the foreign exchange market. […]

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