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How Knightsbridge FX Guarantees the Lowest Exchange Rates

                                         Saving is […]

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6 Things that Cost You More When the Loonie is Worth Less

I hate it when I see prices for items I purchase regularly beginning to increase, but I feel just a teeny bit […]

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3 Tips for Snowbirds to Manage the Rising Canadian Dollar Pain in 2015

The free fall in the Canadian dollar has snowbirds in shock and awe.  It was only a few years ago that the […]

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US Medical Schools: Are They Worth It For Canadians?

Getting accepted to medical school is difficult.  You’ll be shocked by our analysis at how long it takes a Canadian going to […]

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Review of Best Currency Exchange Credit Card for Canadians

When making purchases in a foreign currency, paying in cash is one of the most common options used by Canadians. But it’s […]

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The Importance of Travel Insurance. How to Make the Right Choice

Travel insurance is often overlooked when travelling to different countries. While it is easy to assume that there will be no accidents […]

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Did Apple Mistakenly Forget to Update iPad Air 2 Pricing in Canada?

We’ve all heard the story of the falling Canadian dollar. Oil prices have fallen from $100/bbl to $45/bbl and the Canadian dollar […]

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The Math Behind Apple’s iPhone Price Increase in Canada

Over recent months the Canadian dollar has taken a nose dive, and we are starting to see the impact translate in to […]

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6 Financial Tips for Snowbirds and Canadians Planning Extended US Travel

There are only two weeks of the year when I don’t find myself cursing winter and the snow that inevitably comes with […]

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