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Individual Tax Form: W-8BEN Instructions In Canada

If you’re a non-American independent contractor, or just anybody who receives US revenue from outside the US, filling out a W-8BEN form […]

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Buying A House In Florida As A Canadian: 5 Things To Consider

Whether you’re a Canadian snowbird or just simply a US real estate investor, there are plenty of good reasons to search for […]

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The Best Countries To Purchase Foreign Real Estate

No matter how you choose to approach it, diversifying your assets is a proven method that’s used to achieve more financial stability. […]

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Top Travel Destinations For Canadian Families

Gone are the days where you would load up the mini-van with sunscreen and lawn chairs, just to drive your kids to […]

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How To Travel The World As A Freelance Worker

In today’s digital gig economy, more and more individuals are choosing independent short term work opportunities over the traditional 9-5. While it’s […]

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Top Travel Money Tips For University Students

It comes as no surprise that university and college students alike desire spontaneous traveling during their longer breaks. Leaving your country to […]

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Basic Tax Advice For Canadian Snowbirds In The USA

Although filing a tax return is never an exciting topic, it’s important to note that tax rulings for Canadian-US snowbirds are a […]

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The Best Ways To Budget As A Canadian Snowbird

Throughout modern day history, Canadian retirement has long since been associated with wintertime snowbird escapes. Getting away from the sun-lacking cold Canadian […]

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How Long Can Canadian Snowbirds Stay In Non US Countries

It’s not uncommon for snowbirds to plan their winters outside of their traditional American comfort zone – the United States. There is […]

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The Best Cell Phone Plan For Canadian Snowbirds

Nowadays it’s considered a basic necessity to have a working cell phone when you’re travelling abroad, whether it’s for business or personal […]

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